My Mama’s for Obama

We actually have a size 2T t-shirt with this slogan and a picture of Barack Obama on it.  My husband found it and purchased when Obama was running for the U.S. Senate for our then 2-year-old daughter to wear.  Now the t-shirt will be passed down to her younger sister, at least once the weather warms up.

Like I said, I first became aware of Obama when he was running for the U.S. Senate.  We hadn’t lived in Illinois that long, and I was never a huge follower of politics.  Before the primary, though, I saw a commercial in which Obama talked about how he worked to get mammograms covered under Medicaid while in the state senate.  I was impressed because here was a politician who didn’t just blather on about taxes but had actually done something to help poor people.  He also just seemed to exude integrity, something else I rarely experienced in a political ad.

I mentioned Obama to my husband, who is into politics, and my husband quickly dismissed him on name alone.  Now I have fun reminding him of his initial attitude as he cheers Obama on for president.  I must admit that I feel kind of privileged that I could see Obama’s potential long before he made his national debut at the Democratic Convention.  And if he wins the presidency, I will probably feel even smugger.

I have read both of Obama’s books and found them both to be amazing.  His first was a very insightful look at race in America through his own unique lens.  His second not only discussed his approach to various political positions, but it is also a primer on how the American government and political system works (or doesn’t).  And who better to explain such things than a constitutional law professor?

How amazing would it be to actually have a president who understands and respects the constitution?  And what about one that actually cares about helping the poor and underprivileged?  How wonderful would it be to have a president who represents the kind of respectful, intelligent, and honest person most of us would like to be?  I believe that Obama is our best chance for these things.

Now I’m not saying that Obama is a saint; nor am I saying that all of the other candidates are evil (although I have my doubts about one or two Republicans).    I could be happy with Hillary or John Edwards.  There are even a few Republicans I could deal with if I had to (like Ron Paul).  But for what it’s worth, this Mama is for Obama.

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One Comment on “My Mama’s for Obama”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hey Barbara! Just found this blog through your myspace – the home schooling one is very interesting. I respect your decision on that, as well as the whole Obama thing. 🙂 I was wondering what you make about all this “Obama is a secret Muslim” stuff that’s going around. I try not to forward any negative stuff, but reading it makes me wonder. If you haven’t seen any of those emails, let me know and I’ll send you one to critic, okay?

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