Pet Peeve #1

Pet Peeve #1: People who insist on parking on the street when there is a perfectly good parking lot.

We live right around the corner from the local ice arena. Around here, ice skating and especially ice hockey are big deals. The weekend is the arena’s busiest time as that is when most kids take their lessons. After apparently squeezing several classes on to one rink for many years, the arena decided to remodel and add another rink, shrinking their already limited parking lot.

Now I would be more understanding of all of those people who park along both sides of the street in front of the arena were it not for three things. 1. The village bought the building across the street from the arena that used to be a church. Since they have yet to do anything with the building (and I doubt it would change things if they did), there is a big empty parking lot right across the street. 2. The city and the ice arena did a joint venture with the land next to the ice arena to extend the commuter bus parking lot to make a lot to be used by commuters during the week and the arena on the weekends. 3. Most of the people who park along the street are dealing with one or more small children in addition to huge bags full of skating and hockey equipment.

I’m afraid that if it was me I would be parking in the parking lot where I could keep the kids off of a busy a street in which visibility is impaired because of all the stupid cars parked along either side. Maybe I’m just over-cautious like that. Or maybe I don’t mind walking an extra few feet for safety reasons. Ok, and maybe I’m just annoyed because I drive past the ice arena on average four times a day or more on the weekends when the street is a madhouse of cars parrallel parking, kids crossing the street, and parents struggling with equipment bags. It stresses me out.

I know I’m just being whiny, but isn’t that the point of a pet peeve? So thank you to all those families who have realized that there are other parking lots besides the one right outside the entrance and don’t cross the street until everyone and everything is together. And could the rest of you realize that it is more important to escort your children across the street than fumble with their bags in the trunk?

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  1. I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at
    Cheers, Sheila

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