I Want Sam Wiggle

I can’t remember how long it has been since that sad day when it was announced that Greg Page of the Wiggles would be retiring from screen and stage due to health issues.  It was just as quickly announced that he would be replaced by Sam Moran, who had understudied with the Wiggles for years.  Like most of us Wiggly parents, we kind of had our doubts as to whether the Wiggles could ever really be the same.  Was this just going to be Van Hagar all over again?

My younger daughter, age 2, just received The Wiggles: Getting Strong as a Christmas present.  This is the first Wiggles release featuring Sam Wiggle wearing the yellow shirt.  I must admit that it was kind of an adjustment; I mean for the past five years we’ve been watching and listening through videos, cds, and television episodes as Greg led the  Australian quartet.  My two-year-old, though, accepted Sam with open arms.  Now she will even tell me that she wants to watch Sam Wiggle when I try to put on a recorded television episode of the Wiggles with Greg in it.

I must admit that the addition of Sam has also caught my older daughter’s attention again, who at age five thinks that she is too grown up for baby stuff like the Wiggles.  (She has generously donated all of her old Wiggles things to her little sister.)   First of all, she has realized that Sam was an extra and sometimes special guest on old videos and episodes.  Now when her little sister watches the Wiggles, my older daughter plays Where’s Waldo? looking for Sam in the background.  Secondly, the Wiggles are starting to enter some new educational territory dealing with letters, phonics, and early reading skills.  I don’t know if this is inspired by Sam or just a coincidence that his first video included segments on reading the same three-letter words that my five-year-old is working on.

We will always hold a warm spot in our hearts for Greg, and we hope that he is enjoying this time with his family and that his retirement leads to improvements in his overall health.  And I dread the day that we hear that the Wiggles will be no more (they’re not getting any younger).  They have brought a lot of fun, learning, and dancing into our lives.  So we thank Sam Moran for filling in the yellow shirt, and we look forward to seeing what else the Wiggles have to offer.  With another baby on the way, I think that the Wiggles will have a place in our home for the next five to seven years.

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One Comment on “I Want Sam Wiggle”

  1. Laura Watt Says:

    Greg ( who just turned 36) was forced to stop performing with The Wiggles due to health issues on Nov.30, 2006. I am of the opinion that, indeed, The Wiggles are not the same without Greg. He brought a certain magic that is now missing. Sam did not inspire the educational material, and had nothing to do with it. Greg, Murray, and Anthony all have teaching degree in early childhood education. Getting Strong was originally set up as a three part series long before Greg retired, and he helped write it and the songs as usual.He even had filmed two of the dvds before he left.

    Greg did a radio interview at the Sydney Cricket Grounds Jan.2, and he sounds great. He looks wonderful in an accompanying photo. He is much improved, and said he is looking to the future. After he has gotten himself even better, he will decide what it is he can and cannot do. He said he has a hole in his life now, and deeply misses performing for the children.

    I look forward to hearing his beautiful voice again, and I hope it will not be too long from now.

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