The Final Countdown

Well, I am officially at 30 weeks today. My due date (May 12th) is 70 days away, according to my pregnancy widget. So now the final countdown towards our new baby girl begins this week. Of course, what makes things interesting is you rarely actually know when a baby is going to make its appearance. My first two children were born at 38 weeks, so I have yet to make it to my due date. To be honest 38 weeks sounds good to me if for no other reason than half of my mother’s side of the family has birthdays in May. I really don’t want my poor daughter to have to constantly hear how she was born on Aunt So-and-So’s birthday her entire life.

I’m also really starting to feel the discomfort of the third trimester. My legs cramp up when I stand for too long. I’m having more and more indigestion at night. It’s harder and harder to find comfortable sleeping positions. And since this is the first pregnancy in which I have been large during the winter, my socks and long johns are starting to cut into me.

My wee little one has also decided to become super-active this past week, and I can tell that her space is getting more cramped. I’m starting to feel and see those stretches across my belly as she shifts position. She also keeps whacking me in the same spot on my left side; I think there may a bruise on the inside of my uterus. At least she hasn’t discovered the nerve in that area that sends shooting pains up and down my leg. That was a favorite spot to kick when her oldest sister was in utero.

I’m basically giving myself seven weeks to complete my pre-baby checklist. Right now I have about 18 things-to-do on that list, and I am itching to get it all done and over with. Alas, I am unable to do so. For instance, there is no use in preparing and freezing meals and meal ingredients when I am having a new refrigerator delivered in two weeks. I also can’t do the remainder of my baby shopping until our tax refund comes in (hopefully this Friday). And it would just be silly to pack my hospital bag this early.

I know that slowly but surely everything will fall into place. I just hope it’s before I get distracted by some extreme nesting project. During the last pregnancy it was cleaning the nooks and crannies of the washer and dryer with cotton swabs.

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