Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor?

My senior year of college I was sitting in a dormitory lobby. A girl had finished drinking the bulk of her Icee and had proceeded to use her straw to blow bubbles in the cup very loudly. She thought she was being cute about the whole thing, but I found it rather annoying since she continued to do this for several minutes. Suddenly she accidentally sucked when she meant to blow and she started gagging and coughing. I turned to my fiancee (now husband) and described the incident as further proof that God has a sense of humor.

Some of you may have heard that on February 28th a California Court of Appeal judge declared that homeschooling is illegal unless the parent is a certified teacher. That is technically the law in California, but it has never been really enforced. There was a huge panic among the national homeschooling community with people signing petitions and national homeschooling legal groups leading the charge to discredit this ruling. On a most basic level, the legal groups are trying to keep this ruling from being used as a precedent in other cases while working to change California homeschooling laws.

According to a March 14th article in the San Francisco Chronicle more than 10,100 teachers in California will be layed off at the end of this school year due to the state’s budget crisis. Most people would argue that most schools have too high of a teacher to student ratio, and that ratio is about to be raised even more at a time when California homeschooling parents are being led to believe that they might have to put their children into the school system. I can’t decided if this is just sadly ironic or further proof that God has a sense of humor.

I would like to applaud Ann Zeise of the homeschooling website A to Z Home’s Cool for her positive take of this situation. Ann offers suggestions for California homeschooling groups to adopt an unemployed teacher. Not only might this give the teacher a little bit of income through consulting and tutoring fees, but it might also secure your group, and homeschooling in general, a future ally. Ann also has an article to help unemployed teachers approach the homeschooling community for jobs. It would be nice to see something positive come out of all this negative.

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