You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

Today a member of my homeschooling group posted a link to an article about unschooling from a Denver newspaper. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “unschooling” it describes a somewhat controversial form of homeschooling in which learning is based on the interests of the child, not on set curriculum with a standard scope and sequence. It was actually a very favorable article, but as usual there were the uninformed anti-homeschooling comments attached, the usual variations of “Homeschooled kids are socially inept weirdos who will never be able to function in the workplace or society, and unschooled kids are especially spoiled.”

When I read comments like that the first instinct is to pull out every homeschooling book, accessing the National Home Education Research Institute website (, and start refuting all of the mis-information. I’ve come to realize, though, that if I do that every time I come across anti-homeschooling comments on the internet I’m going to drive myself crazy, give myself carpal-tunnel syndrome, and basically waste a large portion of my life. Some people are not going to listen to me no matter how correct I am, so why waste my time?

I am better off sharing my information with people who have not already completely made up their minds. I am better off looking at all of the homeschooling success stories for inspiration. I am better off being “that mom who homeschools” who can maybe inspire curiosity and offer information to others. I am better off raising and educating my kids in the way I think is best and letting the proof be in the pudding.

From now on I solemnly swear that I will only post comments on blogs and newspaper websites if they relate directly to the article at hand, not to other people’s comments at those sites. This decision extends beyond homeschooling to other issues, too, such as politics. I’ve realized that responding to other people’s comments is basically a way of torturing yourself.

And now have I shared my great wisdom with you. And you should listen to me because as this pregnancy nears its end I am starting to look more and more like Buddha. Of course, I never understood why all the Buddha statues are fat when Buddha is known for his excessive fasting. Hmmmm…..I may just have see what I can find out. (That’s what you call unschooling yourself.)

Update: Apparently the fat statues known as “The Laughing Buddha” are not supposed to be based on Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. According to Wikipedia, they represent a Buddha that was forseen to succeed the original Buddha. The statue is based on a Chinese Chan monk who lived in the sixth century. The statues represent contentment and abundance, which I assume is to be the reward for following Buddhist teachings. Just thought I would pass on the information.

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One Comment on “You Can Lead a Horse to Water…”

  1. Diane Says:

    Thanks for clearing that mystery up for me. I never thought to ask why some Buddha’s are fat. It is good to know this information! I enjoyed reading this post. I have some photos of Laughing Buddha in my Flicker collection, as I posted my journal from a trip to China. I also am an unschooler who has decided to not spend much time defending my decision to homeschool.

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