CFC: Sections IV and V

Section IV is entitled God Made All Things. “God made all things out of nothing. God made heaven and the angels. God made the sun, the moon, the stars, and the earth. God made the flowers, the plants, the grass, and the trees. God made the fishes, the birds, and the animals. God made the people. The greatest of all God’s works are angels and people.”

The most surprising thing to me about this whole passage is the rank of angels with people. Angels were just not something I ever really learned about or believed in. You’d have to live in a black whole not learn basic angel lore…angels have wings, guardian angels, there are good angels and bad angels. I mean, I have watched Kevin Smith’s Dogma . I guess I should clarify I never really believed in angels other than the specific ones mentioned in the Bible. I suppose it’s kind of like some Protestants who don’t believe in Saints outside of the apostles and St. Stephen Martyr (at least according to a close Southern Baptist friend I had in college). But we’ll learn more about angels in Section V.

“God made us and takes care of us. O my God, watch over me and take care of me.” That prayer really seems apropos as I prepare to go into labor. Although, if God would watch over and take care of my baby, too, that would be appreciated. But I’ve believed ever since I found myself unexpectedly pregnant that God is sending us this baby for a reason, so I trust that he will look out for her. He has so far.

Section V God Made the Angels: “Angels are living beings that have no bodies. God made all the angels good. Some of the angels did not obey God. The angels who did not obey God are called devils or bad angels. Bad angels are suffering in hell. The bad angels try to make us do wrong. The good angels are happy with God in heaven. God gives each of us a good angel to keep us from sin and harm. This good angel is called our Guardian Angel.”

Well, you kind of get the impression that angels are like people without the limitations of bodies. We were all made good, but then some of us disobeyed. I guess the difference is that only some angels disobeyed, but the rest of the angels weren’t punished for it. One could mistakenly think that God likes the angels more than us, since the rest of us are made to suffer because of what two of us did (Adam and Eve).

If angels don’t really have bodies, I wonder where the white-robed, winged, and haloed archetype came from? According to Wikipedia, angels can take human form as Gabriel did for the Virgin Mary and the angel in Jesus’ tomb. Some Old Testament descriptions mention wings, apparently. The robes are from the Byzantine tradition. It’s a male costume, although angels are seen as sexless. There’s lots more information on angels that I’ll have to read up on later, but right now I will try to stick with what the CFC has to say.

I never thought about bad angels being called devils, and because of that I never thought about bad angels suffering in hell. Of course, I guess the cartoon image is that devils don’t really suffer in hell. You think about them dancing up and down with maniacal glee, especially if they have managed to snare a poor mortal. And even at Wikipedia the term “devil” refers just to the big guy himself, Satan, not lesser devils.

I was just thinking though that there have been several interesting works that refer to bad angels/devils. Besides the aforementioned Dogma, there’s the classic Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Then in the comedy vein there was Little Nicky starring Adam Sandler. I always really enjoyed that 1998 Denzel Washington movie Fallen ; everytime I hear the Rolling Stones “Time is on My Side” I still think of that movie. Then more recently, the BBC had a supernatural series called “Hex” whose main villain was a fallen angel.

Guardian Angels always seemed kind of hokey to me.  And maybe I’m blaspheming, but they don’t seem to do a very good job.  On the flip side, maybe things would be much worse for me without mine.  What is the difference, though, between a Guardian Angel and a conscience?  Or are the works of Guardian Angels things that we would otherwise consider Good Luck?  Hmmm, much to ponder.

“Angel of God, my Guardian dear, To whom His love commits me here, Ever this day day be at my side, To light and guard, to rule and guide.  Amen.”  Nothing like lame rhyming verse to reinforce my sense of hokeyness.  I guess this was written for children, though, and I never minded the prayer “God is great, God is good, so we thank him for our food.  By his hands, we all are fed; thank you for our daily bread.”  I was never a big fan of “Before I lay me down to sleep, though.”  That one always made me glad that my parents never made us say bedtime prayers.

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2 Comments on “CFC: Sections IV and V”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I was surprised to find in my New Testament course that guardian angels have a biblical basis.

    matt 18:10: Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.

    Also, possibly Heb 1:14: Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?

    What I dislike is the idea that is so common these days that people are turned into angels when they die. It seems really common for women who lost a child to refer to them as “my angel in heaven.” Not that I’m so rude as to rain on their parade, but really, people and angels are two different things. It isn’t like tadpole–>frog, human–>angel, you know?

  2. Laura Witten Says:

    I agree with Kelly. People do NOT turn into angels, and neither do little kitty cats and puppy dogs when they die. Whether or not animals will be in heaven or not is a totally separate discussion of course.

    I do believe in angels, although not the vision that manufacturers would like us to have. I’m very turned off by the plastic resin, fiber-optic and otherwise gaudy versions. I think depictions of angels, if any, should truly be beautiful and inspiring, in paintings or stained glass and the like.

    I had a close call in my vehicle a few years ago, and I am dead certain that my guardian angel took control of the situation. There simply wasn’t a logical explanation for what happened. Also, I always pray on the entrance ramp that a spot will open up and the ride will be safe for all aboard. Once I decided to test my prayer and skipped it purposefully – and nearly got hit by a semi. Never again!

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