Warning: Sexual Content

If you came across this blog because you entered search terms such as “breasts”, “sex”, or “porn”, I really hope that you just stop, get off the computer, and go do something productive. Get back to work. Go read a book with your kids. Do something nice for your significant other. At least go take a cold shower. Realize that porn will handicap your ability to have healthy intimate relationships.

Why do I feel the need to make a blog entry about this? Well, the other day I was looking at the search terms that people typed in that led them to my humble blog. Someone had actually typed “very pregnant” triplets – porn. They were so excited when something popped up that they must not have even read the excerpt under the website link; I bet they were really disappointed that my blog did not involve triplets or porn. That’s actually the second sexual search that has led someone to my blog. The other one involved breasts. I can’t remember the phrasing, but it was not innocent. Too bad I was actually using the term breasts in relation to what they were designed by nature to do (that’s feeding babies if you are unclear). Considering I don’t get very many hits on my blog in the course of a day (my personal best is 32), I think it’s just sad that
two people came to my blog by searching for that stuff. Or maybe there was a higher power involved?

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3 Comments on “Warning: Sexual Content”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Porn is so sick. I’ve known someone, a good Christian family man, who really struggled with the addiction, and had to get professional help. At least his wife intervened and approached it in a way that led him back to the “narrow path”.

    Note that I’ve updated my blog address to something more memorable – livinginkentucky.blogspot.com.

    Question off topic: you mentioned that you did some testing to determine your daughters’ learning style. Who/what did you use to figure that out?

  2. Kelly Says:

    Sadly, now you will get even more.

  3. barboo77 Says:

    Well, I figured that maybe I would get more hits from things like that, and just maybe it would stop and make them think about stopping!! It’s just a sad situation.

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