Lazy or Just Pacing Myself?

My new baby daughter is three weeks old today.  I’m still not doing much more than trying to keep up on the dishes and laundry and make sure the other two kids eat from time to time.  I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer and the television or reading.  There is only so much you can comfortably do while nursing.

Part of me says that there is a reason that they tell you not to lift anything heavier than your baby for six weeks.  It is completely reasonable that I sit around being unproductive most of the time.  But then again I am starting to feel guilty for not doing more and engaging more with my other two kids.  I feel like I just want to be left alone to sit and sleep with my new baby.

My middle daughter doesn’t seem to be suffering too much, but she has always been fairly self-entertaining.  My oldest daughter’s love language is definitely quality time, and I haven’t been giving her much of any lately.  I don’t really feel too guilty because her daddy took her bowling and to play mini-golf last week, and Granny has been taking her to tee-ball practice and hooking her up with candy afterwards.

I think everything is a little thrown off, too, because my husband is in the middle of a three-week night class.  He picked his summer schedule before we realized I was pregnant or how time-consuming tee ball would become.  So four nights of week I am stuck dealing with the older girls bedtime routines with a newborn in tow, whereas Daddy normally takes on the struggle that is putting our oldest girl to bed.  (“One more hand of cards, one more story, one more song, a little more back scratching, please!!”)  It also doesn’t help that the baby’s gassy grunting keeps waking the two-year-old up about 7:30 each morning; it makes for a long day.

I’m going to give myself until Monday morning to continue being lethargic.  Then I am going to have to set myself a time limit for being on the computer and start getting back into the routine of things a bit.  I may pick up a few Kumon workbooks this weekend to have something low-key to do with the kids.  Oldest DD hasn’t done any formal school work in several weeks, so I think she might welcome it.  Middle DD has started trying to draw letters some, so she might enjoy a little more direction.  Maybe it will keep her from writing on all the walls and windows.

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One Comment on “Lazy or Just Pacing Myself?”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Pacing yourself, definitely. For getting back into the swing of things and starting with a new routine, I recommend checking out – she has it all figured out! She even has “control journals”, one for me, one for teachers, etc. The best thing is, she now has an online forum you can visit, as well as several shows on blogtalkradio, which I enjoy listening to while I’m driving (iPod!!)
    good luck moving forward, but if you feel like being lazy 3 more weeks, go for it!

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