Who Is Jeremy Bentham??

At first I thought Jeremy Bentham was an anagram for whoever was supposed to be in the coffin. But once the episode was over I realized I was wrong about who I thought might be in the coffin and whether there was actually anyone in the coffin or not.

Then I got to wondering if there was a real Jeremy Bentham. So after whipping up to PBJ sandwiches (one with out the J for middle daughter) and two cups of milk, I went to Wikipedia in search of Jeremy Bentham. Make of it what you will, but please keep it to yourself (don’t post any comments that might spoil it for someone who hasn’t had a chance to see the episode yet).

I was intrigued by whom the real Jeremy Bentham was influenced. And kind of creeped out about what was done with his dead body, which may be a hint of what is to come next season. Personally, though, I find the relation to Jeremy Bentham just as enigmatic as everything else that has happened on “Lost” since the show started. My husband just thinks that they’re making it up as they go along, but I would like to believe that it really all does have some sort of planned meaning. Hopefully, sometime in the next two seasons we’ll get some more answers.

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2 Comments on “Who Is Jeremy Bentham??”

  1. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I was going to go into more detail, but you said not to post spoilers … so check out my own post on LOST last night.

    The Girl From The Ghetto

  2. Chris Says:

    They aren’t making it up as they go along. Never fear! The producers said they’ve left clues in the first season as to how the show will end. (The “Adam and Eve” skeletons being one of them). They did it to show that they have a direction in mind. When they show ends they want fans to go. “Ohhhhhhhhh NOW I get what that meant!”

    THe show gets better and better. And LOST is a very “External” show. There’s a lot to read, learn and investigate to understand all the clues you’re given. Take nothing at face value, or you’ll get LOST in the symbolism.

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