Pet Peeve #6: Too Much Bass

I don’t care if they are ill-tempered.

Seriously, I can not stand too much bass.  I was running errands the other day, and the car behind me had the bass volume up so loud that I could feel my insides vibrating.  In those few moments at the traffic light, my ears actually felt like they were starting to ache.  I find that so completely annoying.

I know that I have kind of sensitive ears.  I’m always asking for the television, computer, and radio to be turned down.  I am always super-sensitive to the bass line.  If the television is too loud downstairs at night, the bass-line sometimes wakes me up.  I also get easily over-whelmed by too much sound, like someone talking to me in a room while someone is talking to me on the phone.  My brain just shuts down.

I don’t understand how anyone can really enjoy their music with it that loud, though.  I love the bass line in music.  Most of my favorite musical artists are known for their intricate bass lines (Sting, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac’s under-appreciated John McVie).  But the beauty of a good bass line is it’s intricacy and its subtlety.  Boom, boom, boom with lots of static-filled reverb is not subtle.

And it’s not just because I’m older.  It used to drive me crazy in high school, too.  All these idiots would spend hundreds of dollars to buy huge bass speakers for their piece of crap car and turn the volume so loud that you couldn’t even figure out which song they were playing.  Maybe I’ve just always been an old fuddy-duddy.

I’m just saying making something louder doesn’t always make it better, especially the bass.  So…TURN IT DOWN PLEASE!!!!

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One Comment on “Pet Peeve #6: Too Much Bass”

  1. Joe Says:

    No mention of Tony Garnier. Tsk tsk tsk 😉

    I totally agree, by the way. I just flat don’t get it. I like music loud, but the bass– well, it pretty much blots out the music if it’s that loud.

    It’s a mystery which is at least equivalent to that of the chewing gum they used to sell where you were supposed to also eat the wrapper.


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