So, DD#2 decided that she wanted to watch Kipper on the computer first thing this morning, so I scanned the television for something to watch. I finally settled on switching between MTV and VH1 since early morning is the only time when they actually play videos anymore. For some reason, I usually catch up on my video watching right after having a new baby; although, I would have still been in bed with DD#3 if it hadn’t been for DD2 being such an early bird.

Anyway, I’m watching MTV and they suddenly have some commercial saying that they are playing the new New Kids on the Block video every hour. At first I was confused, because last I heard Jon had settled into a quiet life without panic attacks as a real estate developer and Danny had apparently disappeared considering how he was never mentioned on any of those “Where Are They Now?” shows. But then they start airing their new video off their new album with all five members. I started cracking up.

First of all let me note, that the song “Summertime” is a catchy enough little tune. The lead vocals are swapped between Donnie, Joey, and Jordan while Danny and Jon are once again relegated to the background. Furthermore, Danny and Jon barely even appear in the video at all except during the group dance sequences at the end. Although, the group does do the old “Hangin’ Tough” over the head arm swing.

Secondly, let me say that I was never a New Kids on the Block (or NKOTB) fanatic, despite the long and boring stories I wrote about them for English class. They were at their peak, though, when I was in junior high. One of my friends at the time had her whole room decorated with New Kids bedding, pillows, life-sized posters, and who can forget those ginormous buttons. I on the other hand when the cheap route; I bought a copy of Teen Beat or one of those other pre-teen entertainment magazines and very carefully ripped out the five individual “posters” to hang in my room. (That same friend also had her room wallpapered with every magazine poster she could get her hands on.)

I thought their music was pretty good, but I was never obsessed. I think I was more caught up in the peer pressure of it all; I was trying to keep my peers from thinking I was even weirder than they already believed me to be. But I never saw New Kids in concert, which stings more because my so-called friends excluded me from going than because I missed seeing the group. And when the same group of so-called friends insisted that we do something New Kids related for a music class project I opted to go do a project with the only girl who was a bigger outcast in the class than me than be forced to pretend to be a New Kid (although I did help them with their choreography). Who was my favorite? Everyone had a favorite; right? Well, I was torn between Jordan and Joey, leaning more towards Joey.

So, if I wasn’t really a New Kids fanatic, why was I so excited about their new video? I think I am just amazed that they’re taking a stab at being hip and recapturing the past glory. It would seem a little less sad if they weren’t all old (at least for MTV purposes) and basically flopped as solo artists. (Although, I give Donnie kudos for his acting career.) At least they’ve each aged well.

I think there is a certain nostalgia, which they are obviously hoping to appeal to by throwing in the “Hangin’ Tough” move. The memories of my faux junior high friends were mostly good. I can still recall the words to a rap off their Christmas album. I even did a New Kids song in a karaoke contest once for shits and giggles. And then there was the backlash; I can still remember “New Kids Got Run-over by a Dump Truck” to the tune of “Grandma Got Run-over by a Reindeer”. And we have the New Kids marketing machine for cranking boy band popularity to eleven.

So for all of you hardcore fans and not-quite-hardcore appreciators of New Kids on the Block, I present their latest video…if I can get the link to work…

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2 Comments on “OMG, NKOTB!!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hey, that really wasn’t bad at all!

    I think they all aged pretty well (as opposed to *cough*Axl Rose*cough*). Of course, none of the girls in the video look old enough to have actually listened to their music!

    I think I saw them in concert twice, both times because I was invited by a friend to go. Jon was my favorite, but I hear he’s “the gay New Kid” now.

  2. Jody Says:

    LOL too funny. I liked them when I was a kid too. I wouldn’t say I was obsessed though since I never went to a concert but I didn’t have some posters for magazines though LOL. My crush was with Joey LOL.

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