Late Nesting?

Everyone has heard nesting stories.  You know, like the nine-months pregnant woman who rearranges all the furniture in her house (or has her husband move it where she tells him) just days before going into labor.  Nesting is the overwhelming NEED of a pregnant woman to do something to prepare her home just weeks before her baby is born.  This isn’t the normal preparation activities that precede welcoming a new family member.  This is extreme action pared with a strong sense of urgency and burst of energy unknown in origin and usually occurs within the last weeks before the baby comes.

My only true nesting experience occurred with my second pregnancy.  I just had to take cotton swabs to every nook and cranny of the stackable washer and dryer provided in our apartment.  I think I also got on hands and knees and scrubbed the floor boards in the kitchen. something I would never do in my saner moments as a tired, pregnant woman.  I figured that I didn’t experience this with my first pregnancy because I was just super-exhausted from working outside the home, but I fully expected something like that to happen with my third.  But it didn’t.

I am starting to wonder, though, if it is just hitting me late.  I really tried taking it easy for about the first four weeks after my pregnancy.  Then I started lifting the laundry baskets on my own and trying to get back in the swing of things.  In the past two weeks, though, I’ve been having the overwhelming urge to work on our house.

It all started with moving the glider-rocker, which has resided in my oldest daughter’s sleeping room since we moved in here.  When DD#2 was a little baby, our oldest was still in the family bed with us, so I could sneak in that room to sooth the baby without disturbing anyone.  Not the case anymore.  So in order to move the glider-rocker into the playroom, I had to rearrange the playroom and move some of its contents into my oldest daughter’s sleeping room.  This led me to paring down some of our children’s books, not that we had an excessive amount, but I cleared out ones the kids and/or I didn’t like.

Since I’m too thin for most maternity clothes but can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I started assessing what I did have.  I cleared out a bunch of outfits from my “working” days that I had been saving “just in case” I ever needed them.  I also cleared out some stuff I thought didn’t exactly fit with the maturity of a mother of three, like plaid mini-skirts.  Then there were a few items that were just worn out and had to go, like my favorite pajama pants.  The Purple Heart Foundation will have a big bag waiting for them on the front porch next month.

Then I inherited $800 in savings bonds from my grandmother, but when I cashed them in they were worth slightly less than $3000.  So I started thinking about buying a new couch; our current couch is really decrepit.  My husband pointed out, though, that our living room is in bad shape that it would detract from enjoyment of a new couch.  This led me to hit the hardware store Sunday and pick up some spackle, a putty knife, and a hole repair patch.  While the kids were at Granny’s (except for the baby, or course), I patched a huge hole in the wall that had been covered by paper for months.  I pulled the wall anchors where we removed these horrible metal blinds last fall and spackled in those holes, too.  And of course, in order to access the window with my step ladder, I had to rearrange the living room furniture.

This Sunday my husband and mother-in-law will be taking the older girls to Milwaukee to see the Brewers.  My goal is to rent a Rug Doctor and clean all the stains out of our white carpet, which I think was put in when this townhouse was built in 1992.  (I think the builders got a cheap discount on white carpet, because who in their right mind chooses white carpet?)  I hope to finish filling in little holes in the walls from those blinds and baby gate damage.  Then maybe my husband will be more amenable to going shopping for a new, but not outrageously expensive couch.  (Please, honey, please….)

I will still need to sand down the repaired places, and I am hoping that all of those cans of paint left behind by the last owners includes the shade of white used in the living room.  I am also having a desire to clean out and reorganize our pantry and my tall thin book case where I keep all my important junk.  The garage needs to be straightened out again.  I hope to pare down some of our baby stuff as DD#3 outgrows it; I hope to give some of it to a local pro-life pregnancy assistance group.  And I am sure there are plenty of other things that just need to be done, but probably aren’t quite as important as say cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash, keeping track of all my medical bills, or spending time engaged with my older girls (do I have to play?).

I guess late nesting is better than no nesting at all.  Although, I think I need to slow down just a tad.  I am still physically recovering from all that hard work, not to mention pushing a human being out of my body a little less than six weeks ago.  And I am running on about six hours of sleep a night when I could really use, I don’t know, about ten or twelve.

I am also having the over-whelming urge to remodel the kids, not unusual after having a new baby.  I did start this week by instituting a long over-due rule about all food being eaten in the kitchen.  Now if I can only get the 2-year-old to fall asleep on her own and consider potty-training herself.  That is one project I am not looking forward to tackling…

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One Comment on “Late Nesting?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I am also having the over-whelming urge to remodel the kids, not unusual after having a new baby.

    SO true. This happens to me every time.

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