Six Weeks Later

My beautiful new baby is six weeks old today, and other than a bad case of prickly heat (which I learned is not caused by but only exacerbated by heat) things are running pretty smoothly. She’s getting nice and chubby. I’m no longer tender from nursing, although I’ve had a much more painful experience with my milk letting down than in the past. DD#3 is starting to have more awake periods. And I’ve finally realized that unless I want her keeping me awake for two hours in the early morning with her grunting (and waking her sister) it’s best to wake her up so she’ll poop and we can go back to sleep.

The older girls have finally started somewhat leaving their new favorite sister alone when she resting quietly in her bouncer. The two-year-old has settled down a bit, but I still think that the issues that sprung up in the past few weeks have been partly developmental in origin. I could still use some more sleep, but I’m functioning.

It’s funny the things you pick back up like riding a bike. For instance, I forgot how much I can accomplish one handed, and with one foot I can pick up the Boppy pillow and press buttons. I arranged the hooded towel perfectly across my body to wrap up my post-bath baby without even thinking twice about it. And I recalled that the best place to eat an interrupted meal sitting down is in the car while someone else is driving.

My new MVPBQ (Most Valuable Piece of Baby Equipment) has been my Maya Wrap baby sling. I purchased it with my last baby, but I only used it around the house because I didn’t want to deal with it with a coat during the harsh Chicago winter. With my spring baby, though, I’ve been getting my money’s worth. I use it at the grocery store and t-ball games mostly. It is much less bulky than dealing with an infant carrier and a stroller.

An honorable mention goes to the cheap Target back pack that I bought last year; I think I mentioned it in a previous post. It has become my favorite diaper bag ever. It has mesh pockets on each side that are perfect for holding water bottles for each girl. In the main compartment, I’ve squeezed jackets, sun hats, changing pad, two sizes of diapers, spare outfits, a nursing wrap, baby blanket, one t-ball cap, and one to two ball gloves. The next largest compartment holds the big bottle of sunscreen and snacks. The front open pouch is perfect for slipping in my wallet and sanitary napkins. And the little mesh pouch is perfect for the sun screen stick, baby socks, keys, and other little things like hair elastics. Sure, it weighs a ton, but at least I can fit everything for everyone in one bag.

A second honorable mention goes to our mini-van. I probably would have used my Maya Wrap more with DD#2 if we had a mini-van then. The extra seat not only allows me to get baby in and out of the sling and car seat without being exposed to the elements, but it also provides a comfy and private space (thanks to tinted back windows) to nurse her in various parking lots. And the cup holders, all twelve of them, have been a God-send.

In the next six weeks we’ll probably be settling into a new routine or ten as the baby has more and more awake periods. I think it is usually around this period that many women starting feeling a bit of a hormone crash, so I’ll be on the alert for that. And I am really going to try to keep my calorie consumption up. The busier I get the easier it is for me to skip much need snacks and eat only partial meals. And as tee-ball season wraps up next week, we’re looking forward to getting together with some of our homeschooling friends, enjoying more of the free concerts and activities our area offers, and going to see our family’s favorite Beatles tribute band American English at the local festivals.

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