Please Can We Do Some Math Workbook?!

You know what I love about homeschooling?  (Ok, one of many things I love about homeschooling.)  That my daughter will actually beg me to do school work.  Things have been really unschooly around here for the last several months.  We were never super-formal at any point, but we did have periods where we would take 20 or 30 minutes to do a few workbook pages or reading worksheets.  Over the past few months I’ve kind of been leaving the kids to their own devices as I haven’t had the energy and patience to oversee anything too formal.

But this afternoon, DD#1(age 5 1/2) begged me to do some math workbook.  She actually caught me in a few spare moments and due to her enthusiasm I agreed.  So we pulled out her Singapore Math EarlyBird Kindergarten 2B workbook (now discontinued), and she was introduced to the basics of subtraction.  She was getting to be a pro at it after about five pages.  While I was giving DD#1 directions, DD#2 (age 2 1/2) came up and said, “I want to learn.  I want to learn.”  So I gave her some 1 cm counting cubes to play with, and she started making multi-colored boats and trains.  My older daughter and I then moved on to the Exuberant Games website in hopes that they had a subtraction game to reinforce the concepts, but the subtraction stuff is still under construction.  So with the aid of some counting cubes she played some of the addition games instead while I cooked dinner.

Right now my two scholars are sitting in the recliner.  From what I can gather they are pretending to ride in a helicopter.  DD#1, “Oh, no, the pilot’s unconscious!!  We have to jump out!”  DD#2:  “Let’s use our parachutes!!”  Then they jump into the “water”.  Blame it on watching too much Drake and Josh.  But they are doing their most important school work right now–lots of imaginative play!

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