Baby Pictures

I finally got one of the disposable cameras developed and got a picture disk with it. So here’s a picture of me and DD#3 maybe five minutes after she came out. I look kind of horrible (please keep in mind that I was very tired and didn’t have time to brush my teeth that morning and, oh yeah, I had just pushed a baby out of my bootie!!). But that was a very special moment to me…They plopped her on my belly and started wiping her off and slapping a bracelet on her, and I started rubbing her back and talking to her and she stopped crying and got comfortable. I almost hated to let them take her to the bassinet, but they needed to do some work on me.

And here’s a picture of her about four weeks later during her first tub bath. I would have preferred to use a non-naked picture, but all of the other pictures I have include her sisters. So she’ll just have to be totally embarrassed when she finds out as a teenager that I posted her naked baby picture on the internet.

A day or so after birth she looked a lot like her oldest big sister as a newborn. Then she kind of went through a George W. Bush phase (right eye squinted with a half smile), but I still thought she was cute anyway. And then she got the prickly heat all over face; that is finally starting fade. Now she kind of reminds me of my dad when she smiles. I think they both have the same single dimple on their right cheek. It will be amazing to see how she continues to grow and change. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, these will be the last you will see of DD#3 (unless we exchange snail mail or you see us in person).

Edit: Oh, and here’s a picture of me not long after we got to the hospital. You can kind of tell that I already had the dark circles around my eyes before I had the baby, so don’t be scared by how I looked after delivery if you have never had a baby.

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One Comment on “Baby Pictures”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Awww, thanks for sharing! There’s a great one of DS standing in the rain that I posted a couple days ago on my blog – I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what its about!

    I love the grocery cart in the previous post – I usually only go “superfast” in the cart when its raining, but if I thought people wouldn’t run into me with their cars I would do it more often. 🙂

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