Mamma Mia!!!

One of the many nicknames I’ve acquired so far in my life is “Dancing Queen”, although “nerd” was the most common one. Of course, how can you not dance when that song comes on. It makes me want to pull out the disco guns and do that lasso move from the movie Grease. “Take a Chance on Me” is one of favorite songs to do on karaoke along with “Knowing Me, Knowing You”. So you could kind of say that I’m an ABBA fan.

I just found out a couple days ago about the upcoming release of Mamma Mia!, the movie based on the Broadway musical featuring the music of ABBA. I’ve never seen the musical, but I was first intrigued when I saw that Colin Firth was on the cast list. (I’m a woman; what can I say?) So I checked it all out on yahoo! and came across the trailer and some video clips. It is certainly an interesting cast with Firth, Meryl Streep, Remington Steele (aka Pierce Brosnan) and Mrs. Weasley (aka Julie Walters) from the Harry Potter movies.

I must admit that hearing Pierce Brosnan sing just felt kind of weird, and most of the actors obviously weren’t cast for their singing skills. It seems like a really fun movie with lots of beautiful cinematography. I don’t know how you can have bad cinematography, though, when you’re shooting on location in Greece. Greece is moving up my list of places I may want to visit if we ever make it across the Pond, and we have friends with relatives who live there who can show us around.

Any mention of a movie featuring ABBA songs reminds me of Muriel’s Wedding starring Toni Collette. The movie over all is kind of depressing as Muriel tries different ways to escape from her terrible life both physically and emotionally.  Her most innocuous way to escape is through listening to the songs of ABBA.  She makes some comment about how it is pretty much impossible to stay in a bad mood when one listens to ABBA.  That’s probably why Mamma Mia! could be total rubbish script-wise, but it could still make the audience believe they had the best experience ever.

If I didn’t have a newborn, I would be tempted to drag my husband to the movie theater.  But I do, so I’ll probably wait for it to come to the Red Box or On Demand.  I wonder if they’ll make a movie from the musical based on the songs of Billy Joel.  I’m not sure it would have the same uplifting vibe, though.  Personally, I’m still waiting for the show based on the music of Electric Light Orchestra.  ELO had a lot of great songs that would fit in a story format: “Don’t Bring Me Down”, “Sweet Talkin’ Woman”, “Telephone Line”, “Last Train to London”; I could go on and on.  But I won’t.

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One Comment on “Mamma Mia!!!”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    We saw Mamma Mia in Vegas -we had a rather bad experience, getting stuck in a makeshift row of chairs in the back b/c they had sold too many seats or something. I liked the music, but it all started to sound the same after a while and the story wasn’t quite to our tastes. We saw the ad on tv for the movie and said we are definately not spending money to see that one!

    Each to her own though – Jess thought the live performance was incredible and gushed on about it for months.

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