A Typical Day at My House

I know everyone is curious about the typical day of a stay-at-home homeschooling family, so here is a pretty accurate account:

Every morning DD#2 and I wake up after a good night of sleep.  We go wake up DD#3, and we all brush our teeth and get dressed for the day.  We go down stairs where with the help of the children I cook a delicious and healthy breakfast.  My husband joins us for a quick bite to eat before heading off to work with kisses from everyone.

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes and the kitchen table, the kids and I settle in to do a craft project, work in workbooks, or do some other educational and interactive activity.  After an hour of that the three of us work together to do chores to keep our house comfortable and tidy while the baby rests quietly and contently in her bouncer.  Once our chores are finished we go on to have a healthy and delicious lunch followed by snuggling on the couch to read books together out loud.

Next the children go upstairs to play in the playroom while I spend some time on the computer checking my e-mail, balancing the checkbook, and reading and writing blogs.  Then we come back together to do a few more chores and have a snack.  Me and DD#2 and #3 go upstairs for a nice two hour nap while oldest daughter reads or plays quietly.  We awaken to find my husband home from work, and I start preparing dinner while the girls set the table.  Did I mention that all of the food is organic and inexpensive?

After dinner together we all go for a nice walk outside.  We return to play some games together before having a bedtime snack.  The kids promptly get dressed in their pajamas and brush their teeth.  They are attentive while we read stories in bed, and snuggle under their blankets as we turn out the lights and kiss them good night.  My husband and I spend an hour together talking or watching television.  Then we go off to bed to get some sleep ourselves before another perfect day begins tomorrow.

That’s our day in a nutshell.  Every few days we bake our own bread from scratch, and at least twice a week we meet with other homeschooling families for the kids to play.  Because the kids are all homeschooled they are so polite with each other, and us mothers can sit back and socialize knowing that our kids are safe and content having fun and learning together.  We discuss the latest books we’ve read and plan our next service projects.

Why is the chorus of that old George Strait song going through my head suddenly?

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