Dr. Horrible and The Guild

This morning my friend Kelly made me aware of Joss Whedon’s latest project Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along  Blog.  She knows that I am a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I have written a few post or two on the subject).  I can’t believe that I haven’t been keeping tabs on Joss, but I am looking forward to my husband downloading Dr. Horrible for me when he gets home from work.  I mean it’s Joss Whedon,and Neil Patrick Harris sings.  (I had a total crush on Doogie Howser, so I wasn’t that surprised to learn that Neil is gay.  It seems to be a theme in my life.)

Anywho, so I was looking over the clips and cast list for Dr. Horrible and found an interesting note about Felicia Day, the lead actress.  I remember her as Vi, one of the potential slayers on Buffy.  So Felicia Day writes, produces, and stars in a little web series called The Guild.  I decided to check it out on YouTube, where all 10 four-minute episodes are available and got hooked.  It probably helps that the guy who plays Zaboo reminds me of an old acquaintance.

I should warn that The Guild does have some profanity and sexual innuendo, but I think the overall story is interesting in a warped and quirky kind of way.  And did I mention that Felicia Day was homeschooled because her family moved a lot with the Air Force.  According to her Wiki page and IMDb, she’s a professional-level violinist and she has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas.  And she seems to have a pretty thick acting resume.  Not bad for one of those homeschooled weirdo kids.

So, I now present Episode 1 of The Guild:

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One Comment on “Dr. Horrible and The Guild”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Funny -they were talking about this on the Game Industry Network (a Delphi forum for manufactures, retailers, etc). I didn’t watch it then, but now I have!

    I feel sorry for those kids at the one woman’s house, don’t you?!

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