Things that Don’t Make Sense to Me

I found this gem written by Jeana on the blog Days to Come.  I could just link you to it, but I wanted to reprint it so that I could look back on it again and again throughout my life even if Jeana dissolves her blog someday.  I am tempted to print it out and tape it up somewhere.  It’s like reading an examination of conscience.

Things that Don’t Make Sense to Me:

  1. How having four children quadrupled the love I have for my kids instead of dividing it into four.
  2. How focusing on meeting my husband’s needs results in my own needs being met.
  3. Why having a lot of “me” time tends to make me more self-centered, not less.
  4. Why serving others makes me more content, not less.
  5. How spending time with God usually results in me accomplishing more that day, not less.
  6. Why exercising gives me more energy, and not exercising makes me more tired.
  7. How submitting to God’s will brings freedom rather than confinement.
  8. Why things that taste good often are not good for me.
  9. Why having fewer things makes me enjoy them more–and vice versa.
  10. How I can know all of these things are true and too often behave as though they are not.
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One Comment on “Things that Don’t Make Sense to Me”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Amen! I’m especially guilty of #10.

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