Hi, my name is Barbara and…

I am an internet addict. As with most addicts, I am having a problem finding moderation in my use of the internet. It is starting to interfere with my relationships and my quality of life. I probably should really see if I could go a whole week without using the internet for anything other than balancing my checkbook (which I have been neglecting to do since my recreational habit of using the internet really kicked in), but like most addicts I have convinced myself that I can get my addiction under control without giving up the internet entirely.

I have just finished all of my big home projects that my late nesting inspired: patching holes in the wall, getting a new couch (thanks, honey), cleaning out the garage, and decluttering. I also instituted a new rule about eating in the living room. But I realize that now it is time to work on myself. I think I have been allowing this new baby to allow me to be even more lazy than is more natural inclination. I think I need to find a better balance between getting my rest and getting things done.

Like the title of the book I just read, I am having a hard-time “surrendering to motherhood“. Even stay-at-home moms sometimes have a hard time giving themselves completely to the needs of their families. It’s easy to get distracted by other things, like the internet.

Like many homeschooling families I am making my preparations for the new school year. We do not necessarily follow a school year plan, but due to my husband’s job we really live our lives in semesters. When he starts back is usually a good point to implement a new routine to meet our new goals.

One item on the list of current goals is to put my internet usage in its proper place. I am not going to quit my blog, like so many blogging homeschooling moms feel compelled to do from time to time. But I am going to try not to let consume so much of my time. I am going to try to make it something I work on after my chores are done and after I’ve worked towards our goals some each day. I’m going to resist the urge to check all my favorite blogs 15 times a day instead of balancing the checkbook or reading a book to one of my kids.

One true thing that I come across again and again in my reading is that a lack of discipline in children often reflects a lack of discipline in the parents. So I am going to try to re-discipline myself to do the important things for my family before the pleasurable things for myself. And to do the things that I don’t enjoy with less griping and grumping. And maybe I can even have the patience to incorporate the children more into my housework so that they can start learning valuable life-skills and we can spend more time interacting with each other.

While I don’t expect to really start a new routine until August 25th, this is one thing I am going to start working on now….getting my butt out of this computer chair.

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