Wider Hips and a Muffin Top

It’s been almost three months since my beautiful baby was born, and I still don’t know what’s going on with my body. With each baby, I’ve noticed slight changes in my body. Mainly, I’ve been getting a little bit of a belly. I am still tall and skinny, and most people would never notice the changes. But I can tell. I might weigh the same as I did before I got pregnant but the weight just sits on my body differently.

At this point, my thighs have slimmed down some, and I can sort of fit into my pre-pregnancy pants if I pull really hard to get them past my hips. The pants are really snug, though. I think my hips have become wider, and something tells me that this is an irreversible change. And I have the pot belly “like Madonna when she did ‘Lucky Star’.” If I cared, I could probably tone that up, though. I also developed a linea nigra after I had the baby; crazy, huh?

Now I still have a figure that other women would love to have. I don’t look like I’ve had three kids. I’m not saying that to brag. And I’m also not pointing out my changes to garner sympathy or from some false sense of modesty. I’m just saying it’s interesting the way pregnancy and childbirth can change your body. And that’s just on the outside.

I’ve heard of women who have had allergies come and go with each pregnancy. I used to be really cold-natured before my first pregnancy. People used to joke that they would know me in Hell because I’d be the one with a sweater on. Afterwards, I realized that I was using fewer sweatshirts. Of course, that biting Chicago winds really went to these Kentucky bones this past winter. I don’t know if that’s a sign of my ability to handle the cold has reversed again, just the strain of pregnancy, or just that it was a damn cold winter. And I wonder if my recent issues with Micronor can be attributed to some sort of change in my body chemistry brought on by pregnancy and childbirth.

I figure I’ll give it a few more months before I throw out all of my old pants that don’t fit well anymore. And if my wider hips and “muffin top” stick around, that’s just part of life and getting older. I mean I’m 31 and I’ve had 3 kids; I can’t expect to have the body I did when I was 20. I’ll just take it in stride like the increasing number of gray hairs popping up on my head, the small wrinkles appearing on my face, and the purple veins showing up around my ankles. C’est la vie!

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3 Comments on “Wider Hips and a Muffin Top”

  1. Ricky Says:

    “I’ll just take it in stride like the increasing number of gray hairs popping up on my head, the small wrinkles appearing on my face, and the purple veins showing up around my ankles.”

    Yep, sounds like it’s about time for me to upgrade to a newer model.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Okay, I know that *I’m*31, and differently shaped, and pulling gray hairs out of my head. But how can that be possible for YOU? You still look the same as you did in college to me.

    I guess that is an upside to not having seen you in person in 6 years or so.

  3. barboo77 Says:

    Kelly, well, the few pictures you’ve seen haven’t been close ups. And thankfully the brown ones still outnumber the gray ones in my very thick mane.

    Ricky, listen old man, you’re just lucky I don’t upgrade to a newer model! 😉

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