Why Hasn’t G.W. Been Impeached Yet?

With the suicide of this anthrax scientist, it has come out that the Bush Administration pushed the FBI to find a connection between the anthrax mailings and Iraq. There’s a shocker. NOT!! Let’s see, it was already revealed that the Bush Administration tried to tie 9/11 to Iraq from minute one when the real connections were to Saudi Arabia. Then they fabricated all the crap about weapons of mass destruction. So basically we have completely imploded a country that had done nothing to ours, and Bin Laden is still out there running free with his dialysis machine.

So why if Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about his personal life hasn’t George W. Bush been impeached for lying to the entire country and dragging us into a war that has caused how many military and civilian casualties? Of course, I am still boggled as to how he got re-elected in the first place. I mean I had no great love for John Kerry, but like a lot of other voters I figured that he would be better than W. At least he couldn’t be any worse.

One could argue that the Democratic Party is less cut throat in general than the Republican Party. And while I do not approve of Republican tactics, it sometimes makes the Democratic Party look spineless. The Democratic Party needs to learn the difference between “taking the high road” and defending yourself from attack. There’s nothing wrong or low about standing up and calling “bullshit” when the situation warrants.

Now, maybe the Democrats have been concerned that if Bush is impeached there may be a call to have him removed from office, and the last thing we want to even consider is “President Cheney”. Or maybe, the Democrats are just content not to waste taxpayer time and money on the whole mess and just wait for his time to be up. Or maybe they just “have no marbles” like Cerrano in Major League II.  I just don’t know.

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2 Comments on “Why Hasn’t G.W. Been Impeached Yet?”

  1. eljoe1235 Says:

    I hereby award you two points for a reference to Pedro Cerrano. Use those points wisely now.


  2. gbm3 Says:

    It’s because Congress has no power. The Executive branch has taken it all (unless the Supreme Court wants it for a day).

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