Goals for the Fall Semester

Today is the first day of the Fall semester at my husband’s college, and it is the first day of public schools around here. Like many homeschoolers, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on our plans for the upcoming semester. I really like to think of ourselves as year-round homeschoolers, learning all the time, but the start of each college semester is usually a good time to start a new routine. Usually, by the end of each semester the house has devolved into chaos again. Things also tend to be a little more hectic when my husband is on break as I take advantage of having the vehicle available and my husband, who is pretty spontaneous anyway, starts getting restless.

This year also marks our somewhat “official” bucking of the school system, as DD#1 would be starting kindergarten today if she were going to regular school. So here are my formal goals/plans for the upcoming semester:

Goals for DD#1 (age 5 1/2):

  1. Work with her two times a week for thirty minutes.
  2. Finish her Singapore Math Early Bird Kindergarten workbook 2B.
  3. Work with phonics/reading activities.
  4. Continue to work with her on using the telephone, telephone etiquette, and memorizing our telephone number and address.
  5. Slowly go through the World Book list of the typical course of study for kindergarten to address anything we may have missed so far.

Goals for DD#2 (age 2 1/2):

  1. Read at least one book with her every day during the day.

Goals for DD#3 (age 3 months):

  1. Read Beginner’s Bible with her every day.

Goals for both older girls:

  1. Do one craft, science, or other activity project with them once a week.
  2. Incorporate into housework more.

Goals for me:

  1. Limit internet time until after at least half my chores are done, and extra time in the afternoon or evening.
  2. Follow newly developed housework schedule.
  3. Try not to complain about unpleasant things.
  4. Be more patient with kids and husband.
  5. Find some more cheap and tasty recipes that are based on rice, potatoes, or pasta.
  6. Get together a Birthday/Christmas suggestion list for the family.
  7. Buckle down on our budget.

I’ve been slowly gathering a collection of science and craft projects to do. My goal is to get 52 on my list (one for each week). I still need about another 30. And then I need to put them into some sort of rough schedule, so we can be holiday appropriate. I am such a non-crafty person, but we have a ton of craft materials that I requested for Christmas last year. And my oldest daughter really likes organized projects, so I’m giving it the old college try.

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One Comment on “Goals for the Fall Semester”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Good luck reaching your goals! They sound quite reasonable and doable.

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