Carpet Crayon Catastrophe

Monday I went to vacuum the all the downstairs carpet. In the kitchen we have an area rug in the “office” section and then we have this horrible white carpet in the living room (actually all the rooms except the basement) that is the bane of my existence. Well, somehow a blue crayon got sucked up and stuck in bristles of my vacuum. When I first noticed the blue streaks appearing on the carpet, I examined the vacuum and didn’t see anything. I assumed it had been a tiny piece of crayon that had rubbed itself out and continued vacuuming. Then more blue streaks appeared. That was when I found the culprit and with the aid of a knife pried the inch-long piece of crayon out and threw it away.

I finished my vacuuming then, but had to wait a few hours before I could try to tackle the blue streaks on my horrid white carpet. (Have I mentioned that I really hate the white carpet?) I decided to check the internet to see what home-made solutions were recommended. I really did not want to pull out the heavy chemical cleaners, but that’s what most sites recommended after ironing up any remaining crayon.

Well, I didn’t want fumes, and I don’t pull out the iron unless the kids are out of the house (which they almost never are without me). At first I tried scrubbing an area with white vinegar. When that didn’t work I sprinkled some baking soda on the vinegar areas. That didn’t work either. And now I think the vinegar
may have actually made it set in worse.

Then I tried just using baking soda and a wet towel in a different area, and it started coming up. The carpet actually looks whiter in those spots than the rest of the carpet. I don’t know if it got the carpet that much cleaner, or if it would have ruined carpet of a different color. So, I would test in an inconspicuous area before scrubbing your whole carpet with baking soda and water.

I really want to replace the carpet, but we don’t have the money at this time. Unless we move before then, I hope to replace it after the last child is potty trained. Only 3 1/2 more years to go. In the mean time, it gives me something to complain about.

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