Surviving off of Macaroni Salad

Well, the babymoon is over.  I remembered how relatively easy they are when they are newborn and all they do is eat, sleep, and dirty diapers.  Then they hit three months and then they are awake more of the time with nothing to do.  That’s when they really start throwing a fit to be held ALL of the time.  And that’s where we are with DD#3.

I have two aces in the whole this time.  First of all is my wonderful Maya Wrap sling.  It is no longer kept in the car most of the time.  While I can’t do everything while wearing the baby, I can do more than I could if I was just trying to hold her.  I can’t afford to buy one of the slings made for back-carrying (and I don’t know if I have the guts to try it), but I bet it is more convenient around the house than front-carrying.  My second ace in the hole is that the baby has two wonderfully entertaining older sisters that she loves to watch sing, dance, argue, and everything else.

However, I still finding myself very frazzled and hungry.  The secret to my slimness–I am too busy and too stressed to eat.  I actually forget to eat.  People think I’m crazy when I say that.  I start out meaning to eat and then I remember that the clothes need to be put in the dryer, which means a new load needs to be put in the washer, and the finished load needs to be folded.  So I plan to eat when that is done.  But then one of the kids wants something to eat, so I plan to eat after I fix them something.  Then the baby starts crying because she’s bored or needs a diaper change.  And on and on and on….Suddenly I’ve been up six hours and all I’ve had is a cup of coffee.  (In case you are wondering, I often find the time to blog while the baby is nursing, so put that visual in your mind.)

It’s pretty hard (and sometimes dangerous) to attempt cooking myself something while holding the baby.  So the temptation in the past has been to grab a pack of Swiss Cake Rolls or two, or three, and scarf them down with a glass of milk.  Or I start to feel guilty that I’m tempted to go for the Swiss Cake Rolls when I should be eating something healthier for me and my baby, and I don’t end up eating anything at all.  Honestly, I probably only get around 1500 calories a day.

I’ve been trying to combat this problem in a few ways.  First of all, I’ve been doing some long overdue mainstreaming of lunch.  I’ve been basically choosing what the kids will eat each day for lunch (instead of two separate haggle sessions) and trying to make enough for all of us.  Secondly, I’ve been reaching for a banana more often.  My husband considers bananas to be diet food, but I figure a few healthy calories is better than no calories at all.  Third, I’ve been trying to find recipes that can be made up in a large batch and eaten a little at a time easily.

So, this week I’ve been surviving off of macaroni salad.  I found this recipe off of the Hillybilly Housewife’s website.  I substituted chopped broccoli and carrots for the celery and peppers and Miracle Whip light for mayo.  I also used a quarter table spoon of onion powder instead of minced onion.  It’s quick and easy to make then I stick it in the fridge and I graze on it whenever I get a few minutes.  I just pop the top of my plastic container and grab a fork.  Voila!  Much healthier than Swiss Cake Rolls and almost as tasty, in a different sort of way.  In fact, I’m munching on some right now while I feed the baby and write this blog.

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