I Love Jon and Kate

Ok, maybe I don’t LOVE Jon and Kate, but I really, really like them.  In case you don’t know who I am talking about, you can meet Jon and Kate Gosselin and their twin daughters and sextuplets (3 girls/3 boys) on TLC Monday nights.  I’ve had a fascination with large families for awhile, but I was initially resistant to get sucked into “Jon & Kate Plus 8”.  Now I am really sucked into it.  I watched several episodes in their Labor Day marathon yesterday.  It was topped off in an hour special where the family revisited the hospital where the sextuplets were born, the Ronald McDonald house where Jon, Kate, and the twins stayed after the babies were born, and the condominium they temporarily lived in when they brought the sextuplets “home” a few at at time.

Now some people have complained about the way Kate treats her husband Jon.  She can often be found nagging him and criticizing him in front of the kids.  But you try being a control-freak who is raising 8 children, six of which are under the age of five.  The saying you hear again and again in big families is:  “It’s not how many you have; it’s how many you have under the age of five.”  Now, Kate will be the first one to tell you that she needs to chill out and that she still struggles with letting things go.  But it is kind of refreshing to see real people acting real.  They don’t put on this perfect veneer for the cameras.  It gives the rest of us who only have a few little ones to deal with a little more perspective and a lot more hope.  And you can tell that Jon and Kate really do love each other through it all.

Now, I am not saying that the television show doesn’t effect their lives.  I kind of get the impression that the show provides a certain amount of income for them, as well as giving the family more opportunities for travel and other experiences.  They get invited everywhere, probably for free, and you can tell that Jon and Kate are trying to ride the money train while they can.  I can’t say that I blame them.  And the kids will probably be slightly warped for being celebrities, but they were going to be celebrities anyway by their mere existence.

The only thing that bugs me is when Jon and Kate go on about how their house is too small for their family.  They have a really nice two story house with a full basement.  There are a lot of larger families that live in half of the space that they have and homeschool; meaning the kids are there all day everyday.  I guess I would feel better if they said they didn’t like how the house was set up, or that they would like to build their dream house.  But I just get tired of hearing how bad they have it in their current house.  I would gladly trade with them any day of the week.

I really do enjoy watching the trials and tribulations and learning to recognize each individual child.  Their daughter Mady really reminds me of my oldest daughter in temperament, so I enjoy watching how they deal with her especially.  And then there are the funny moments like when one of the boys starts telling the camera that “I have a wiener” and “daddies have wieners”.  He better hope that no one at his future school ever sees that episode.

And I do hope that in future episodes they might explore the families religious background.  When you go to their website, you can tell that their faith has really shaped their lives.  Of course, they may deemphasize that on the show to give the family more “mainstream” appeal.  It’s much more socially acceptable to “accidentally” have a large family than to intentionally do so, even though Jon and Kate were given the option repeatedly to selectively downsize (aka, abort) the number of babies they were having.  I would think that their choice not to do so despite the physical, mental, and financial stress they knew that was coming reflects their religious beliefs.  This just makes me respect them even more.

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One Comment on “I Love Jon and Kate”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes, but I fall in the “can’t she stop nagging for a minute?!” camp. I caught one the other day where they were getting new carpet, and it was much nicer because they really worked together and Kate wasn’t nagging.

    My least favorite episode was one where they flew to Denver. I have no idea where they live, but when they mentioned the airport, I already thought they were crazy. When it turned out they were voluntarily taking a SIX HOUR FLIGHT, I knew it was a trainwreck waiting to happen. And wreck it did. I did notice that they and the camera crew were the only ones on the flight, so I’m glad TLC decided to take mercy on everyone else and buy out the flight.

    I mean, I agree they should be able to take vacations. But I would save something that big for when they’re older.

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