Eternal Word

Like many others I have been waiting for the new t.v. season to start.  Last night kicked off the two-hour season premiere of “Bones”.  I still have about two to three weeks to wait for “Survivor” and “Gray’s Anatomy”.  Unless we pick up any shows to watch as a family, I won’t be adding any new network shows. The only other show I’ll be waiting for is “Lost” which I know won’t start until February.  Otherwise I’ve been catching some reruns of “CSI” when the kids are busy playing upstairs or otherwise occupied enough not to notice.

Lately, though, I’ve also been checking out the Eternal Word Television Network.  This is the Catholic channel.  There are two series that I’ve really become interested in and now have all new episodes set to record on the DVR.  The first series is “Life on the Rock“.  It’s kind of a talk show; one host is a Franciscan priest and the other is a married man with five children.  They have a nice bit of banter, interesting interviews, and take viewer calls and e-mails.  It’s not quite as corny as a lot of religious shows you come across.

The second is “Journey Home“.  It’s the stories of people who have converted or returned to Catholicism.  It initially caught my eye because the guest was going to be Scott Hahn, who is one of the most popular Catholic theologians today.  This was his second or third visit to the show.  The show is so good that I haven’t been able to bring myself to delete any of my recorded episodes.  The most recent episode was a rerun featuring  Mother Angelica, and she said so many meaningful things.  I really want to go back and watch her again with a notebook in hand.  This show strikes me because I always learn something new about or get a different perspective of Catholicism and how it applies to my life.

Eventually, I might branch out to “Mother Angelica Live! Classics“.  I figure this is a good start, though.  Sometimes I think about the character Sister Husband from the book/movie Where the Heart Is.  She would hand out copies of the Bible one book at a time.  She says something to the effect that if you give people a whole Bible they just get overwhelmed or confused.  I think that’s where I am these days.  Too much study
makes my brain shut down before it explodes.  After all, our journey with God is more like a marathon than a sprint.

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