Dental Drama

I am so tired.  Do you know why I am tired?  Of course, you don’t; how in the world would you know that I had to get up at 6:30 this morning if I didn’t just tell you?  6:30!?!  Who in the world would choose to get up at such and ungodly hour?  But I had no choice.  Not only did I have to get out of bed, but I actually had to get dressed for the day and get the kids up and dressed, too.

It all began Sunday morning with me explaining to DD#1 (5 1/2) that thoroughly brushing your teeth is more important than quickly brushing your teeth. As she showed me how clean her mouth is, I noticed that she has a permanent tooth coming in directly behind her front bottom baby teeth. She briefly caught my look of shock and immediately started to panic that I had seen a cavity, even though I don’t think it’s completely possible to see a cavity without a dental x-ray or at least one of those pick things. But I played it off as nothing and she happily went about her day.

Now I wasn’t really worried about this tooth situation, and after checking the internet to confirm that it is not that unusual, my husband and I resolved to have the dentist check it out. Our biggest concern was how bad DD would flip out when we told her. She’s a little on the dramatic side and prone to anxiety. We decided to talk to her a day or so before her appointment. This gives her enough time to process but not too much time to obsess.

I called Tuesday morning (because the dentist office was of course closed for Labor Day), and the only appointment available for the whole week was 8:00 am on Friday. Friday wasn’t so bad because my husband has Fridays off this semester, but 8:00 in the morning?? With any luck, I’m just rolling out of bed at 8:00, and my oldest daughter usually sleeps in until about ten. But I had to take what I could get.

Wednesday night we told oldest daughter about her dentist appointment.  There was a bit of screaming and crying, but she took it better than we expected.  She doesn’t want to lose her baby-teeth because “people will think I look like a freak”, even though we repeatedly told her that people will just think she looks like a little girl that has lost her baby teeth.  Then we prepared her for the possibility that they may want to pull a baby tooth or two.  We didn’t want to scare her unnecessarily, but we figured it would be better for her to freak at home than in the dental office.  The idea of getting a  toy from the treasure chest at the dentist’s office and possibly getting money from the Tooth Fairy seemed to be a bit of silver lining to her about the whole situation.

So, I rolled out of bed at 6:30 this morning when I would normally be nursing the baby and falling back to sleep.  We got out of the door on time 7:25 and made it for DD’s 8:00 appointment.  My mother-in-law works three blocks from our dentist, so she met us there to take care of the younger girls in the waiting room while my husband and I went back with our oldest.  She started to get more panicky and she kept telling everyone that she was scared they were going to “yank a tooth out”.  (She repeatedly used the word “yank”; I told you she’s dramatic.)

In the end, the dentist just told her to keep wiggling the baby tooth directly in front of the permanent tooth.  I didn’t really think it was loose, so I’m wondering if he put a little pressure on it to make it loose.  He said that if it doesn’t come out in two or three weeks, or even seem close, then he might need to pull it.  But in the end he said it was up to her (meaning us) to make sure she wiggles it regularly to erode the root.  As long as the tooth comes out on its own, we don’t have to go back until her cleaning.

Hubby took a two hour nap when we got home.  DD#2 just passed out on the couch; I had a feeling that today would be a nap day for her.  Oldest DD his happy to still have all of her teeth plus 1 extra, although her sense of time is thrown off and she’s been asking about dinner since 1:00.   And if I thought the baby would cooperate, I would be tempted to sneak upstairs for a snooze myself.

I am sure there will be more drama when the tooth actually come out.  As long as I get some sleep before it happens, I think I’ll be able to handle it.  And for all of her bluster, DD is already taking some smug satisfaction in the idea that she’s growing up.

Oh, and as we circled around to the parking lot for our dental office this morning, we passed groups of little children waiting for the school bus.  I thought about how all of those children and their parents had to be up every morning at 6:30 to get them ready for the bus.  And again, I thanked the Lord that we homeschool.  Can you imagine having to get up at 6:30 every morning?  Yuck!!!

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One Comment on “Dental Drama”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Yes, I CAN imagine getting up at 6:30. That’s when my alarm goes off….then I hit snooze and getup around 6:50 and wake DS at 7am. Even with that timetable, we are usually not hitting the door of the school until 8:01-8:10! Ugh.

    I figure better a bit late then getting more anxious about getting him ready to go on time than I already am. I HATE being late for things…and DH couldn’t care less. Makes for some tension when we are sharing a vehicle….but that’s life!

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