Comical Comic

We go from the Divine of my previous post to the comical gutter of this one. Before my oldest DD and I had our big theological discussion the other night, she spent the afternoon designing her own comic. It was about a cat that solved mysteries. And what was the name of her hero? Super Pussy.

Yes, my mind went there, but I think she interpreted my grins as appreciation for her creativity and artistic skills. But then her Daddy came home and she had to tell him all about Super Pussy. He kept looking at me with a surprised grin, and I started losing it. I was trying to choke back my laughter every time she said “Super Pussy” ended up with tears running down my face. Thankfully, she didn’t ask why I was cracking up.

We were not about to disillusion her that “pussy” could mean anything other than cat. Given that we used to have a very crazy cat, hopefully if she ever hears Prince’s song she will think it logical for someone to sing about trying to control their feline. It was just one of those parenting moments. And if you could have just heard the way she was saying it…

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One Comment on “Comical Comic”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Too funny! my son is (maybe) getting past the age of fascination with his boy parts (which we do use the proper name for) and it is so funny to hear him talk about it (or TO it, sometimes). This usually occurs around bath time and concerns its current size. I do my best not to laugh at him, but sometimes it just crosses a line. 😀 At least girls don’t have conversations with their “parts”!

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