What’s Old Is New Again

I’ve blogged a lot about my oldest and youngest daughters, and I realized that DD#2 is already feeling the effects of “middle child syndrome”. She’ll be turning three in just another month. And while she is very verbal, coordinated, and full of personality for her age, she is still stuck at the in-between age. She’s not a baby but not yet a little girl.

Anywho, because she is not yet three she has been barred from taking any kind of activity classes. Everything for under the age of three requires a parent to be involved, and that just hasn’t been feasible for me. So she has had to sit around and watch while her sister went into gymnastics class or played tee ball. When she was old enough to walk a little, I used to strap her in her stroller and would not let her out for anything. (You know that once you let them get out you’ll have a harder time getting them back in.) Sometimes she would play with other kids who had siblings in class. And other times I would try herding her in the general area of the classroom door or practice area. She still has about seven weeks until her own first session of preschool gymnastics starts, so we have time to kill while big sister finishes her last preschool gymnastics session.

As I was cleaning out closets the other day, I came across our My First Leap Pad. Oldest DD had received it around age 3, but it had never held her attention for very long, and she could never do any of it on her own. I considered putting it in the charity bag, but I decided to try it out with DD#2 before making my decision. I grabbed it as we headed out to gymnastics Saturday morning, and she and I spent the class time going through the Wiggles book. It was really nice because it kept her sitting in one place up in the observation deck, and I could still keep track of my older daughter’s progress through the glass.

I’ve always said that DD#2 is “focus” while DD#1 is “passion”, so the Leap Pad seems like it will be better suited to my middle child. To avoid burn out, though, I am going to save the Leap Pad just for those times when her older sister is in classes. That should make things easier for awhile…at least until DD#3 becomes more mobile. It’s nice to know that they we may finally be getting our money’s worth out of that toy.

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