Blow-out Epiphany

I had always assumed that the big blow-outs that my babies started having around age 4 months were due to the introduction of solid foods. But as my Sociology professor in college kept saying, “Coincidence does not equal cause.” My lovely baby girl has hit the four-month mark, but I have not yet started her on solid foods but the blow-outs began about two weeks ago.

For the un-initiated, diaper leaks usually refer to urine that has flooded out. This is what all those diaper commercials go on about. “We stop leaks better than the other brand.” Sometimes diaper leaks just happen if the diaper gets positioned a little off or too loosely. Repeated leaks are usually a sign that your baby needs to move up to the next size, despite what the weight limits on the package say or what brand you use. In fact my babies have always needed to move up at least two to three pounds before the upper weight limit. Blow-outs refer to the process where breastfed babies seem to expel all of the feces in their system in one sitting. As a result it not only leaks out around the legs, but it usually creeps up their backside to make a nice puddle of poop on the back of their outfit.

Blow-outs are not only disgusting but they are pretty annoying, too. They mean more work, and I hate more work. You have to make sure that you have one or two spare outfits with you at all times. If it leaks through their clothes onto bouncers, beds, car seats, or anything else you have to clean them up, too. When I knew the kids were due for a blow-out I used to avoid leaving the house when possible. I often kept a thin cloth in the car seat to catch any back splash. We were traveling a lot for job interviews when my oldest was in this stage; I can’t tell you how many times I had to wash things in the hotel sink and hang them over the curtain rod to dry.

I had heard that blow-outs weren’t quite as bad when you used cloth diapers. And really this is mostly true. Something about the elastic keeps the mess to a minimum. I’ve even read some people advocate putting a diaper cover for cloth over a disposable diaper when you expect it to happen. So score one for cloth diapering!!

I made an amazing discovery the other day, though. My baby had a huge blow-out. I felt it, heard it, and smelled it. This was a definite candidate for a big mess. As I went to change the soiled disposable diaper, I wondered how it had stayed so contained. Then I realized that I had accidentally put a Size 6 diaper (belonging to DD#2) on her instead of her usual Size 3. The bigger diaper had been more absorbent as well as having more room to hold in the poop.

Now as easy as it would be to have both of my diaper-wearing children in one size of diaper, I was kind of concerned how well Size 6 would absorb a lot of urine overnight for a Size 3 child. I feared that the huge size would allow for easier leakage. But I decided to try moving her on up to Size 4, even though she’s technically 7 pounds beneath the recommended weight range. So far it has worked really well. Our only leaks have been when I try to use up our remaining Size 3s and she has an unexpected blow-out.

This epiphany has revolutionized my life, so I thought I would pass it on. And while I was making this discovery, I made another one as well. Aldi diapers work just as well as the more expensive ones. I have usually used Pampers or Luvs (which are cheaper). I have had a lot of bad luck with the tape on Huggies coming apart. I decided to try the Aldi brand because they are about 17 cents per diaper as opposed to 26 cents per diaper. At first it was hard to tell if they were working because their purchase coincided with the start of the blow-outs, but then I realized that we had blow-out leaks no matter which brand we used. I just wish that they sold the Aldi diapers in bulk and in size 6. But for now I will be content to rake in the savings, and I am still using my cloth diapers at least three days a week.

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3 Comments on “Blow-out Epiphany”

  1. eljoe1235 Says:

    I was incredibly excited by your post, not because it’s good that you’re being flooded in poop, but because my uncle also used the term “blow-out” as well. It’s one of those things that I thought nobody else did, and I’m deeply pleased to find out otherwise.

  2. barboo77 Says:

    I felt the same way when I found a car seat shield in a baby supply catalog that said it helped with diaper leaks and blow-outs. I think “blow-out” is just about the only way to describe it. I suspect that in every country and every language, at least the ones that use diapers, there is a term for it that would be translated into “blow-out”.

  3. Ricky Says:

    This post is just gross. Really, really gross.


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