Dental Drama Update

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that DD#1 had a permanent tooth coming in behind her baby tooth.  The dentist told us to keep wiggling the baby tooth, and come back if it didn’t fall out on it’s own in a few weeks.  Well, this morning he pulled it.  It was worth the $29, even if the tooth was barely hanging on, just to have a break from the drama.  It’s like having closure.

We tried getting her to wiggle it for three weeks.  We tried wiggling it every day.  And every time DD would spazz at the thought that it was actually going to come out.  The she went through a period last week where she was scared if she ate anything the tooth would fall out and it would be swallowed.  We offered to try to pull it for her, but she didn’t want her father or I to “yank it” because, “you’re not professionals.”

Of course, she’s been freaking out for the past two day as her appointment with the professional approached.  Her daddy hinted that sometimes the Tooth Fairy gives a little something extra when a kid has to have her tooth pulled by the dentist, but only if she stays brave about it.  That seemed to take some of the edge off.

I didn’t go back with her; she wanted her Daddy.  I stayed in the waiting room with the younger two girls.  I could kind of hear what was going on because she was in the booth just behind the door.  I heard her crying at one point, but apparently that was the Novocaine injection.  According to the play-by-play from her father, the dentist hid the huge needle behind her chair and then suggested she close her eyes because of the light.  She said that the shot stung, but the actual “yanking”  (have I mentioned that she will only use the word “yank” to describe the procedure) didn’t hurt at all.

Afterwards they told her that she could pick two items for herself from the Treasure Chest (and one thing for her little sister).  And because she was so brave, they wrote a special note for the Tooth Fairy and attached it to the envelope holding her little tooth.  She was apparently talking to them a mile a minute throughout everything, and the hygienist said that she certainly gave them a few laughs for the day.

So, for now the drama is all over.  She can stick her tooth and letter under her pillow tonight for the Tooth Fairy.  Unfortunately, it looks like she has a second permanent tooth coming in behind another baby tooth.  I think we’ll just let nature takes it course this time and let it fall out on its own.   She’s been through the worst of it once now; she knows what it feels like for a tooth to be gone.  Hopefully, there won’t be anymore drama…at least about her baby teeth coming out.  I am not deluded enough to think that there will never be any more drama with her.

On the bright side, the appointment wasn’t until 11:00, so we didn’t have to get up at some horribly awful time.  Everyone actually slept in until 9:30.  Yay!

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