The Big Three

I have lots of post ideas rattling around in my head today, but the only one that is really important is to wish DD#2 a very Happy Birthday!!  She slept in this morning, so she should be ready for some major partying later.  She hasn’t been really keen on being sung to yet this morning, but I’m sure she’ll like it when there is cake and candles involved.

Our usual birthday plan is to go to Chuck E. Cheese for a very informal party with just family.  And we buy one of their cheap and tasty cakes and either eat it there or bring it home.  She will open one birthday present before Daddy leaves for work in a few minutes, and she’ll open the rest at Chuck E. Cheese (every year the birthday girl gets one joint present from parents, one joint present from her sisters, and a few from grandparents).

I can’t believe that it has really been three years.  Sometimes I think DD#2 should still be as small as her little sister.  Technically, she’s not even a Toddler anymore; she’s a Preschooler.  I just couldn’t imagine sending her off to Preschool, though.  Three is such a fun age; we’ve already noticed a real expansion in her awareness and communication in just the past few weeks.  She is just so delightful (most of the time).

I think she is excited about her birthday, maybe not quite as much as her older sister, but excited.  I am not so sure that she feels ready to be three, though.  For the past few months, whenever her birthday has been mentioned, she has been adamant that she is “two” and holds up her little fingers.  This morning while laying in bed she asked, “What happened to two?”  I’m kind of wondering myself.

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