Dewey Oxberger

My three-year-old daughter has become obsessed with Dewey Oxberger the past few days.  She keeps telling us that her name is Dewey Oxberger.  She even named her baked potato at dinner last night Dewey Oxberger.

Where did this obsession with Dewey Oxberger come from?  Well, for a long time now whenever oldest DD has demonstrated some amazing feat of strength my husband has called her “Dewey Oxberger”.  I know that many of our generation would have probably gone for “Hercules!Hercules!” a la Eddie Murphy’s The Nutty Professor, but we take it old school.  Anyway, I don’t know if DD#2 overheard her big sister being referred to as Dewey Oxberger or if my husband applied the term to her as well without even thinking about it, but she is running with.  The name is pretty fun to say, and now it gets her a lot of laughs from us.

And who is Dewey Oxberger?  If you do not know or even just don’t remember, I feel sorry for you.  Dewey Oxberger is a character in the classic movie Stripes, parts of which were filmed in my old hometown of Louisville and around Ft. Knox.  He was played by the late great John Candy.

Of course, it will be many years before the kids ever see the real Dewey Oxberger.  Hello?  It’s rated “R”.  Despite the nudity, though, it is still a classic.  And Dewey Oxberger still lives on in our house.

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One Comment on “Dewey Oxberger”

  1. Joe Says:

    I fell into the didn’t remember category, I’m ashamed to say. Good stuff nonetheless. Old school is the best school.


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