Disney Radio Rejects

The kids were watching Disney Channel the other night, and during commercial breaks we saw Emily Osment’s new music video from the Special Edition DVD of Sleeping Beauty.  Besides being Haley Joel’s little sister, for those who don’t know, she plays Miley’s best friend, Lilly, on “Hannah Montana”.  Another commercial for a new Disney channel show premiere party, featured Mitchell Musso, also from “Hannah Montana”, singing a song off of his new album.

This has been the trend with Disney for about the past few years.  There is nary a Disney channel star that has not been given a recording contract or at least a single to sing for a compilation album.  Now I know that this idea of trying to turn teen television stars into pop singing sensations is not new; just ask Annette Funicello or Shelley Faberes.  In the past five years or so, though, Disney has gone haywire with it.  It would be like if they gave every kid on every previous incarnation of the “Mickey Mouse Club” their own recording contract rather than just the chosen few.

I think it has a lot to do with the rise in popularity of Radio Disney.  In true Disney fashion, they are trying to cross promote the hell out of everything.  My oldest daughter is very aware that Disney also owns ABC, ABC Family, and ESPN; she’s not yet six but the cross-promotion was becoming obvious even to her.  And I can’t help wondering if Nickelodeon is hoping to have their own radio station, too (if they don’t already), as they are starting to do the same thing, too.

I am not saying that Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso aren’t good singers.  They seem to have pretty decent voices, but I don’t know that they necessarily have superstar quality.  I do tend to be a little more biased towards artist that actually play an instrument and write at least some of their own songs (I’m talking hits, not pity B-sides).  Since Disney is handing out recording contracts like Halloween candy, I have to wonder how horrible of a singer do you have to be not to be offered one?  As far as I know the Sprouse twins and Brenda Song, all from “The Suite Life”, haven’t been given the pop start opportunity.  Are they Disney Radio rejects?  Or maybe they were made an offer but chose to pass for now.  For some reason I kind of doubt it, though.

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2 Comments on “Disney Radio Rejects”

  1. Joe Says:

    I doubt it too. How could you turn down a recording contract? Even if you knew it would be awful.

    And yes, I’m sure as a parent the Disney/ABC/EPSN cross-promotional hype has to get mind-numbing. I don’t even notice Disney and the other two alone are enough to get me started on a fine rant or three.


  2. jorenda12 Says:

    Brenda and Sprouse dont sing, they have clearly stated that they are actors, Brenda recorded a couple of demos in 2006 but she doesn thave a plan to record and she has stated that clearly.

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