Happy Halloween

We have just an hour or two until we load up the kids for some trick-or-treating.  Thankfully, this year we shouldn’t completely freeze our warts off.  Halloween is certainly a time when we appreciate how much warmer it is in Kentucky in late October compared with the Chicago suburbs.  It’s taken us three years, but I finally prepared to bundle clothing under costumes.  Of course, this is the year we might not need it as much.

The pestering has been going on all day from my oldest.  “Is it time to trick-or-treat yet?  How much longer?”  Middle daughter has been having fun with her new candy bucket; this will be her first time trick-or-treating.  Our theory is that if you are not old enough to eat candy then you’re not old enough to trick-or-treat.  I heard her practicing the words this morning, though.

At least she was before and after her very first gymnastics class.  Yes, today is not only her “first” Halloween, but it was her first class.  She did really well with listening to the teacher and following directions the best that she could.  Unfortunately, they started with a seven-part obstacle course, and she got lost within the first few sections.  My husband and I were joking that the contestants on Survivor probably couldn’t have handled it much better.  Even though she was lost at times, she seemed to be having a lot of fun if the jumping, clapping, and smiles were an indication.  And we know that just a few weeks can made a big developmental difference at age three.  It was a unique experience for everyone having little sister taking the class while our big sister waited outside.

After lunch we finally had to get around to carving our pumpkin.  This year instead of a fun trip to the “pumpkin patch” I just picked on up at the grocery.  With a new baby and a sick husband, we weren’t going to trek it out into the cold wind or shell out the extra bucks for “the experience”, especially most of the pumpkin patches aren’t really pumpkin patches.  They’re just grassy areas with tons of pumpkins stacked.  Anyways, the girls kept arguing over what kind of face to make.  I came up with a compromise that they each marginally accepted and started carving.

I better start thinking about dinner, though.  Then we’ll get everyone into costumes.  Hannah Montana and a Scary Witch will start knocking on doors and collecting goodies.  Then we’ll come home and the fun will continue as they hand out mini Tootsie Pops to whoever comes to our door until bedtime.  Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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One Comment on “Happy Halloween”

  1. Laura Witten Says:

    Saw several Hannah Montana’s myself this evening, and a few witches. Was blown away by how many different types of pirates and ninja’s are out there! Several princesses and a few stray animals thrown in for good measure…I think my son’s costume was the best. 🙂 Made it myself, on the cheap. See a couple of pics of my American Flag at my blog. Can’t wait to see yours!

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