Facebook and MySpace

Recently we got back in touch with a friend of ours we hadn’t heard from in awhile. My husband had tried to reach him through his MySpace account, but unfortunately the guy hadn’t logged into MySpace in three or four months. Come to find out he is pretty much spending all of his time on Facebook instead. My husband decided to set up a Facebook account just to see who he could find, and I became intrigued enough to do the same.

I can’t really say that I like Facebook better or worse than MySpace. They each have their good and bad points. Facebook seems to have more activity going on as every little change or response is marked on your “wall”. Of course, like most graffiti, it is nothing of any significance. Facebook does seem a bit cleaner as the advertisements seem a little less inappropriate. Also, all of the profiles are the same, so unlike MySpace there is not much room for personalization with wallpaper and jukeboxes and such. On one hand it’s kind of stifling of personal creativity, but on the other it does lend itself to an air of respectability. MySpace at times can come off like Facebook’s raunchy little sister.

I will say that Facebook does seem to have better search engines, and it helps that people are required to use their full name.  I’ve found a lot of people on Facebook that I went to high school and college with, including most of the people I had already connected with on MySpace.  Facebook also suggests people that you might know.  Of course, then you have to make the decision of who you want to add to your friend list and who do you just want to check in on without having any contact, like some ex-boyfriends or the girl who hit on my husband at karaoke one night while she knew I was at home pregnant.

It’s so funny when you come across the profile of someone you haven’t thought about in years.  There has been a lot of  “OH, MY GOSH” moments the past few days.  And it’s interesting to see who is married, who has kids, who is divorced, who has put on weight, who has lost hair, and who looks just the same.  There are some people whose name you don’t remember or picture you don’t recognize until you check their friend list.  Of course, it’s been at least ten years since I’ve seen most of these people anyway.

Once the dust settles I don’t see myself getting on Facebook more or less than I get on MySpace.  It’s a nice way to keep in touch with people from time to time, but I’ve got lots of other ways to spend my time than absorbing the minutiae of everyones lives.  I hope that they also have more to do than absorb the minutiae of mine.  Of course, things like Facebook and MySpace both lend themselves to a certain level of narcissism and superficiality as you count up the number of people on your “Friend” list and wait to see who recognizes your greatness.

Not that I think that I am above such narcissistic and superficial things, writes the woman on her own personal blog.  I guess I just enjoy other narcissistic and superficial outlets more.

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