Cloth Diaper Wagon

After writing a few posts about the virtues of using cloth diapers, I must admit in all honesty that I fell off the wagon. Around September things got really hectic around here, and using cloth diapers was just one more stress I needed to cut out. It’s just easier to be lazier with disposables. They hold more longer, and I was able to get away without changing the baby’s diaper for four hours or longer. I feel I should clarify that I don’t think using cloth diapers is stressful in and of themselves. But when you’re exhausted and fighting off migraines, that one little difference goes a long way.

Things have settled down a bit lately. I’ve gotten back in the habit of taking a daily vitamin, and I keep a stock of Boost for hectic days to avoid hypoglycemia. Now I just have a “tired” headache a few nights a week. The baby has become a little more self-entertaining now that she can sit up and crawl, so I don’t feel as stretched between her desire to be held all the time and the house falling apart around me as I do so.

Our finances have also become really tight between the usual Christmas Break salary dip and lots of unexpected car repairs. We’re trying to live off of what we already have in the house as much as possible. So, for the past week, I’ve been going back to the cloth diapers. A 30-pack of Aldi diapers is only $6, but I would rather spend that money on food items or not all. Plus, since DD#2 decided on Christmas night that she was ready to start using the potty (woohoo!!) I am reveling in the fact that I hopefully won’t buying anymore diapers for her at all.

So, I’m working with cloth again. And it’s all good. I forgot how much better cloth diapers hold the big blow-outs. We’re going through fewer baby outfits. I still use disposable for outings and night-time, but my 30- pack is lasting a lot longer than usual. I know there are a few of you considering using cloth with your next baby, so I thought I would fess up in the interest of full disclosure.

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