Number Bond Trees

Our math curriculum of choice is Singapore Math.  My oldest daughter is currently a little less than halfway through level 1A.  One way Singapore math shows addition and subtraction relationships is using number bond trees.  This is a concept that my daughter has been struggling with a bit, so I wanted to give her some number bond worksheets for extra practice.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any that were free with no strings attached.  So with a little ingenuity, I whipped up my own on Excel.  Unlike the reading worksheets, it took a little more specialized work, so I can’t just put up the specifications for someone to duplicate at home.  If anyone would like me to send them the templates, just leave me a comment and I’ll try to send it as an attachment via e-mail.

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One Comment on “Number Bond Trees”

  1. Father Bee Says:

    Hi, my little girl will be in Pri 1 next year and I would like to start her off with some number binds coaching. Would you be kind enuff to e-mail me your worksheets please? Thks!

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