Back in December I came across a positive review for the Cd game JumpStart Artist, so I asked Santa to bring that for DD#1.  The game was just as good as the review said it was.  It is designed really well and offers multiple skill levels of play for multiple users.  Like many JumpStart games the child is expected to do a series of tasks in order to earn pieces towards a bigger project.  Both my six-year-old and three-year-old spent countless hours making computerized art projects, problem solving, and learning a little art appreciation.

One of the games included a long list of other JumpStart games on the CD jacket, so I decided to see which ones might be available through our local library.  The first one we borrowed was JumpStart First Grade Advanced.  From what I can tell, the games marked “Advanced” include two extra CDs in addition to the basic grade-level game.  DD#1 was disappointed by the Art CD that came with it, but she liked the Music one well enough.  She really loved the basic First Grade game, though.

Technically my oldest would be in Kindergarten this year, but I tend to look for items that are slightly more challenging than whatever level she is currently at.  At first there were certain parts that I thought that she just wouldn’t be able to do, like dividing words up by whether they were nouns, verbs, or adjectives.  We had only barely covered this concept while doing some Mad Libs.  But she became obsessed.  It took her three days with a total of about 15 hours to beat the entire CD.

I know some people will be horrified that I let her spend 5 hours a day playing on the computer.  But when they are so intent on learning, you really hate to make them stop.  By the second day she was telling me what a noun is and, and on the third day I saw her navigating between “less than” and “greater than” symbols, which we haven’t even covered yet.  My husband teased that now I don’t have to teach her anything; just let the computer game do all the work.

DD#1 was so excited that she wanted me to tell the whole world how great JumpStart games are, hence the inspiration for this post.  And at her insistence, I’ve put a hold on JumpStart Explorers, which is about history and geography.  I also requested JumpStart First Grade Math and a Reading Blasters game, which is made by the same company, in hopes that we’ll get one of the three in soon from the inter-libarary loan.  So, if you’re looking for quality educational computer software for your kids, consider this post to be a full-family recommendation for the JumpStart series.

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One Comment on “Jump*Start”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Sounds like it might be a good birthday present for M. E. The art one sounds really nice.

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