I am in love with…

…my new Billy book case from IKEA in beech veneer.  I have a small office area in the alcove of our kitchen.  I do not have a “before” picture, but you’ll have to take my word that the new book case makes the whole area look much nicer.  So let me take you on a tour of my new and improved office space.


Starting on the left you see our two maps.  You can kind of see the various Major League Baseball logos affixed to the U.S. map.  I would say a good U.S. and a good World map are two must-have homeschooling tools.  Below the maps, you can see the very nice storage box I got when I bought Pull-Ups in bulk.

Next we have our storage cart.  Before moving it to its current position, I cleaned it out and reorganized it.  The top drawer includes googly eyes and other items to glue on paper.  The second drawer has stencils and stampers.  The third drawer holds our math manipulatives:  rulers, movable clock face, and 1cm connecting blocks.  Fourth we have white computer paper; the fifth drawer if full of colored paper.  Sixth we have our scale.  And the bottom drawer holds our greeting card envelopes and some Montessori-esque materials.  I just have to be careful that the top of the cart doesn’t become too big of a clutter spot.

Then we have my beautiful, new Billy-style bookcase.  Not pictured is the third basket that holds the controls, nunchuks, and other things for our brand new Wii.  The other two baskets hold health/hygiene products (band-aids, cotton swabs, nail trimmers) and office supplies respectively.  The second is where I keep my monthly bills to be processed.  The black binder is homeschooling information.  The white binder contains often-used recipes and meal plans.  Then we have my Betty Crocker cookbook, best wedding present ever!

Do you see that third shelf?  That has books that only belong to ME.  True it is only a small fraction of my book collection, but it some of my best loved ones.  The fourth shelf holds the crayon box, computer games/attachments for the kids, and some Brain Quest.

On the fifth shelf is our Harcourt Science text book that we use for reference.  The first magazine holder has issues of Highlights magazine, Mad Libs Jr. books, DD#1′ Singapore math books, and the folder with her reading worksheets.  The second magazine box I made myself.  It holds Highlights High Five magazines, DD#2’s Kumon workbook, and Parks District catalogues.  The bottom shelf has our coloring book crate, phone books, and various reference books from cooking, to homeschooling, to home repair, and the dictionary.

As you can see there is still room on the second and fifth shelf to bring more of my books out of storage.  I just need to decide which ones.  Right now I’m using the extra space on the fifth shelf to hold library materials.  The girls like that the crayon box is more accessible these days, but they’ve been warned that misuse will lead to the crayons being moved out of reach on the top.

Next is my file cabinet and printer, which used to be right next to the computer.  Then there’s my cork board on the wall with my Catholic calendar.  Next to my cork board is my beautiful liturgical year calendar, just above my computer desk.  Notice the wallpaper on my computer?  That’s Western Kentucky University’s Cherry Hall, my favorite building on campus.

As you can tell, I’m really excited by this very simple home improvement.  I long for the day when the rest of the alcove will look this nice, without two baskets of diapers (cloth and disposable) taking up so much space.  And maybe someday I might have the space to get a second Billy bookcase at IKEA or the money to get a matching a computer desk that has an intact keyboard shelf.  A girl can dream…

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2 Comments on “I am in love with…”

  1. Dawn Says:

    How funny! I just told my husband about 20 minutes ago that I really need a bookcase to put by my desk. Your area looks great! Whenever I declutter/organize an area I’m always reminded of those Febreeze commercials where they open and close the door repeatedly so they can get a whiff of the fresh smell. That’s what I do with the newly cleaned space. I kind of go by there on purpose and just LOOK and feel better. Sometimes, I even hide out in there. Even if it’s only the pantry! LOL!

  2. I built this bench a little while ago, I couldn’t find untreated 4×4’s so I glued 2×4’s together and planed them down a little, then adjusted the stretcher lengths to suit.

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