It’s Not a Cocoon!!

Who doesn’t love the classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar?  Ok, so maybe my oldest daughter never did.  She used to get really upset when the caterpillar got a stomache ache.    After two read-throughs, she wanted no more of it.  DD#2 really enjoys the book, though.  It’s been her favorite bedtime book this week.  It helps that she is really into butterflies right now, too.

Two years ago we made our own butterfly habitat, got a hold of some caterpillars, and watched them pupate and fly away.  As supplementary research to our little science project we read several books about butterflies in which we learned a very important distinction.  A butterfly emerges from a chrysalis, NOT a cocoon!!  Cocoons are for moths.

So, everytime I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar I feel the need to change the word “cocoon” to chrysalis.  The book is 40 years old.  You would think at some point in 40 years someone would have clued the publisher in to the error and they would have fixed it.  Yes, I understand it’s a fictional story about a caterpillar eating tons of stuff that caterpillars don’t normally eat, and it’s really good for teaching numbers and days of the week.  But, It’s Not a Cocoon!!

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