Happy Easter!!

Happy, Happy Easter!!!

And it’s a glorious one at that.  When I ran out to pick up some donuts, I realized the van was in desperate need  of some gas.  I was pleasantly surprised not to completely freeze to death at the pump, considering I had gone out in my house shoes with no socks and was absent my long johns as well.  Maybe spring is finally coming to Chi-town.

The girls woke early this morning (except 11-month-old #3) to discover what the Easter Bunny had brought them.  Unfortunately, my oldest isn’t feeling the best.  But DD#2 is on her way to a major sugar over-load between the chocolate from her basket and the doughnuts.

The most exciting thing about this Easter is that it is our first as a Catholic family.  Last night my husband received his Confirmation and his First Holy Eucharist, becoming a full-fledged member of the Catholic Church.  It was a very long, but beautiful, bilingual (quad-lingual if you count the Greek and Latin) service last night.  And since he hasn’t showered yet this morning, his forehead still smells like the Holy Oil.

If you had told me, or him, last Easter that in a year’s time he would become Catholic, neither one of us would have believed you.  But here we are celebrating our family’s new life in Christ.  Well, I better start getting everyone dressed for the day, so we can go have a celebratory steakhouse lunch.

Peace Be With You, and Happy Easter!!

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