Harry Potter Predictions (book spoilers!!)

Erin, you were curious about my Harry Potter predictions…so I dug them up.  They were originally attached to letters to my former roommate Kelly.  This is cut and pasted straight out of my documents:

Harry Potter Predictions

As of July 18, 2005

Half-Blood Prince

  1. Harry will lose his confidence and be extra worried about putting his friends in danger.
  2. Harry will not tell his friends about the prophecy.
  3. Harry will study Occlumency/Leglimency with Dumbledore.
  4. Harry will continue his path toward being an Auror.
  5. I originally thought that Nicholas Flamel was the HBP, but Rowling confirmed that he is already dead.  You may well be right that it is Godric Gryffindor.  If so, Harry will encounter him through something like the Pensieve.
  6. Grawp will do something important.
  7. Luna’s crush on Ron will inspire Hermione’s jealousy.
  8. Harry will spend Christmas at Sirius’s house and encounter the other mirror.
  9. Harry’s relationship with the Dursley’s will improve.
  10. Snape’s story will come out.
  11. Percy will not reconcile with the rest of the Weasley’s.

Book 7

  1. Ron and Hermione will end up together.
  2. Harry and Ginny will end up together.
  3. Harry will kill Voldemort.
  4. Bill or Charlie Weasley will die.
  5. Dumbledore will be killed trying to save Harry from Voldemort.
  6. Snape will teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  7. Snape will make a sacrifice for Harry.
  8. Peter Pettigrew will repay his debt to Harry.
  9. Draco will be taken down by Voldemort.  (Voldemort is just as merciless with his followers as his enemies.)
  10. Harry will be Quidditch captain.
  11. Neville will play an important role in the last battle, possibly killing Bellatrix Lestrange.
  12. Viktor Krum will be part of the action.

Of these early predictions I had eleven out of 23 predictions correct, although some of them that I had pegged for book 7 occurred in book 6 and vice-versa.  I had a handful that quasi-happened.  For instance, I suspected that the Ron/Hermione relationship would be pushed along by someone crushing on Ron; it was Lavendar instead of Luna, though.  Harry’s relationship with the Dursleys did improve in book 7, at least with Dudley.  Neville did play an important role in the last battle, just not by killing Bellatrix.

Deathly Hallows Predictions

Last Updated April 13, 2007

Previous Predictions Unfulfilled

  1. Grawp will do something important.
  2. Harry will kill Voldemort.
  3. Peter Pettigrew will repay his debt to Harry.
  4. Neville will kill Bellatrix Lestrange in the final battle.
  5. Viktor Krum will be part of the action.

New Predictions

  1. Harry will go to the Dursleys’ where he will learn about Dudley’s worst memory when the Dementors attacked, about Petunia’s correspondence with Dumbledore, and information about his parents.
  2. Next he will go to Bill and Fleur’s wedding.
  3. Next he will go to Godric’s Hollow and stumble upon more information about his parents.
  4. Harry will return to Hogwart’s for his seventh year.
  5. The new Dark Arts teacher will be an auror, possibly Shackelbolt, Dawlish, or Tonks, and will give Harry useful magical information.
  6. Harry will return to Grimmauld Place, learn that R.A.B. was Regulus, find the locket and the mirror, and learn that Kreacher helped Regulus get the locket.
  7. Harry will learn of Abelforth’s relation to Dumbledore and seek him out for information that Dumbledore may have left behind.
  8. Harry will find Hufflepuff’s cup in the Room of Requirement.
  9. Bill will help Harry learn how to destroy the horcruxes.
  10. The last horcrux destroyed will be Nagini.
  11. The Deathly Hallows refers to the burial place of the founders.
  12. The Death Eater’s base is either under Gringott’s or the Deathly Hallows.
  13. Snape really is on the good side.  His murder of Dumbledore was pre-arranged, and Dumbledore had a good reason for trusting Snape.
  14. Dumbledore’s portrait will assist Harry in some way, although it won’t exactly be like Dumbledore.
  15. Percy will be killed by Voldemort, either during an inane attempt to join him or an inane attempt to beat him.
  16. Ginny has valuable information about Voldemort locked in her memory from when Tom Riddle possessed her.
  17. Harry will face off with Draco, who will join forces to fight Voldemort, and possibly be killed.
  18. Voldemort will try to take over Hogwart’s, setting off the final battle.
  19. Ron and Hermione will snog.
  20. Dragon blood will have an important usage, possibly in destroying a Horcrux.
  21. Harry will use Decoy Detonators  (from the joke shop).
  22. Harry will use Sirius’s motorbike for much of his traveling, since he doesn’t like apparating.
  23. Harry will learn occlumency from someone.

Again, this is copied straight from my documents.  I got about another 11 (13 if you’re being generous) out of 23 predictions more or less correct.  Alas, Harry never did learn occlumency and I was wrong about what was found in the Room of Requirement, but I did know something important would be found there and that Ron and Hermione would snog (just didn’t realize that would happen in the Room of Requirement, too).  Sirius’s motorbike, Grawp, and Viktor Krum reappeared, too, just not in the way I anticipated.  I also had a predicted body count for Deathly Hallows:

  1. Voldemort
  2. Percy
  3. Bill, Tonks, or Lupin  (one of the “newlyweds”)
  4. Peter Pettigrew
  5. Mad Eye Moody
  6. Lucius Malfoy
  7. Bellatrix Lestrange
  8. Dedalus Diggle

Six out of the ten people listed above did kick the bucket.  And although he didn’t die, Dedalus Diggle did reappear in the book.  He was my obscure long-shot.

So, how do you think I did??

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One Comment on “Harry Potter Predictions (book spoilers!!)”

  1. Cable Says:

    Way better than I did!! She really got all of us with who the Half Blood Prince was! It is uncanny how many of these were spot on!

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