Project Juggling

I am so tired.  I went to bed last night around eleven, but I could not get to sleep.  I had so many things rattling around in my head; my mind would not slow down.  Every so often I would get up, run downstairs, and add another idea or job to one of my different lists.  I felt like I was on speed, at least I am assuming that’s what it feels like to be on speed.  I was definitely wired.  It wasn’t until about 2:30 in the morning that I realized that I was probably having a reaction to the 32 oz sweet tea I had from White Castle with my dinner.  I don’t often drink caffeinated drinks anymore, but in recent months I have noticed a hard time getting to sleep if I consume caffeinated tea after about 4:00.  Soft drinks don’t effect me quiet as badly.  It was about 4:00 in the morning before I finally fell asleep.  I was awakened twice to nurse, and then DD#2 was awake at 8:00 as usual.  But just the dizzying array of projects I have going on would be enough to keep someone awake at night.

Here’s a general list of projects I’m juggling, which I hope to expand upon over the next few months:

1.  New Household Rhythm–Now that the baby developed a regular nap time, I am trying to develop a solid feeding schedule in order to start weaning.  I’m also trying to find regular rhythms to the rest of the day.

2.  Summer Homeschooling–After an almost two-month break at the beginning of spring, we’ve been doing some make-up, and I want to continue to incorporate school time into our new daily rhythm.  Although, I want to keep the amount of work kind of light.

3.  Outdoor Play Area–I’m trying to put together something so that we can get some fresh air on a daily basis without straying too far from home.

4.  Fall Semester Homeschooling Planning–This next year is requiring a little more extensive work as I try to incorporate activities to fit DD#1’s learning style.  She has also requested some science.  We may be doing religion and sacrament preparation at home after all, so that’s adding an extra layer of planning.

5. Household Cleaning–In addition to the normal every -day cleaning (which I need to get a better handle on), I have several other areas that need attention such as the closets.  There’s baby stuff that needs to be put into storage, and lots of junk that can go in the garbage or to charity.   Oh, and that garage is getting out of control again, too.

6.  Summer Fun Activities–I’m looking for cheap or free fun and educational options to fill up our calendar through the summer, and I’m hoping to incorporate one or two of the pricier activities from our “Things We’d Like to Do in Chicago” list.  Of course, we hope to just have some play-dates with our friends, too.

7.  Memento Projects–I need to make sure that the girls’  baby books are updated, especially the baby’s.  There are tons of digital photos that need to be sorted and developed, and I’m still trying to put together our family photo album a little at a time.

8.  Miscellaneous Other Stuff–This includes a variety of things from important (like setting up doctor appointments) to the mundane (staying on top of our budget)  to the personally interesting (reading, blogging).

It really is a wonder that my head hasn’t exploded, even without the caffeine boost.  As each project is completed, I plan to share a bit about each one with you.  I know that you’ll all be waiting with bated breath.  In the mean-time if you don’t hear from me for a bit it’s either because I’m really busy, or I’ve been locked up for my own protection.

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