Applying My Child’s Learning Style

Ever since reading Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, I’ve been brainstorming ways to practically apply what I have learned.  So, here is the list of ideas that I have come up with for my Tactile-Kinesthetic six-year-old who has a Performing (Moving/Doing) disposition.  Some are brand new, and some are things that I accidentally discovered would work in the past.  I am not saying that we will necessarily can or should do all of these things.  Once my Fall Semester plans are finalized, though, I will share how I plan to actually integrate some of these ideas.


  1. Foam Numbers
  2. Dice Addition/Subtraction:  Roll two dice and add or subtract the numbers.
  3. Skipping Rope while practicing math facts.
  4. Score-keeping:  Yahtzee, card games, sports
  5. Hop Scotch Mat:  Practice addition and subtraction  by moving forward or backward.
  6. Computer Games:  The Fun 4 The Brain website has lots of fun activities to practice math facts.
  7. Flash Cards
  8. Connecting Cubes and other math manipulatives
  9. Crossing out days on a Calendar


  1. Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt
  2. Computer Games:  Star Fall, Spelling City
  3. Grocery List:  I just stumbled on this when I took my oldest with me to the grocery a few days ago.  She started reading what we needed off of my computer-generated list.  This real life application of reading really made an impression on her.
  4. Copy Work (in moderation)
  5. Mail Box: Leave written messages for her.
  6. Board Games:  Boggle/Boggle Jr, Scrabble/Scrabble Jr.
  7. Flash cards
  8. Spelling Bee/Test:  This is something we play sometimes at bedtime or while waiting somewhere.  Besides having her spell out loud, I’m considering having her write out the words on paper or sand.  Alphabet block stamps might be a possibility, too.
  9. Home-made Reading Worksheets:  She draws a picture for each word that she reads.



  1. Book of home Science Experiments
  2. Science Experiment kits
  3. Models
  4. Anatomy Coloring Books
  5. Microscope


  1. Maps/Atlases:  For the past three years we have kept a World Map and U.S. Map on our wall.  Our U.S. map has little logos taped to it for every professional baseball team.  We refer to these constantly.
  2. Puzzles:  Milton Bradley’s Map of the United States 84-piece puzzle is wonderful.
  3. Coloring Books
  4. Travel


  1. Games:  board, computer, card.
  2. Cut & Paste activities
  3. Scrapbooking/Notebooking
  4. Field Trips
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One Comment on “Applying My Child’s Learning Style”

  1. Wow, these are a lot of the same kinds of things Rachel likes to do, I wonder if she has a similar learning style. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but Rachel has liked the Cluefinders video games lately, they are really too hard for her, (they start at 3rd grade), but she seems to be learning by playing them with help from me.

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