The Great Outdoors

We live in a townhome community, and our biggest regret is that we don’t really have our own yard.  As a result,  we do not get as much time in the great outdoors as we would like.  So, I got inspired to construct our own little outdoor play area on our front deck.  This is where I planned to upload a photo of our cozy little play,but my digital camera broke just as I went to take the picture.

You’ll just have to take a trip into pure imagination with me.  As you step out the front door, your bare feet hit the light brown carpet.  To your right are two deck chairs and a small table , with a black nylon barrier behind them to block off the stairs.  To the left is a small wood and metal bench against the wall of the house.  And at the far end of the deck sits our new sand and water table.

It takes me about five minutes to set up and take down our complete play area.  It takes about  ten minutes longer when I have to clean out the table every other day.  I roll up the carpet when we are finished and keep it in the foyer.  If I could go back and change one thing, though, I would have bought just a sand table or just a water table.  It’s really hard to get the kids to keep them separate , so we tend to have muddy sand most of the time.  But they’ve really been enjoying it.

Our barrier is just a roll of cheap plastic fencing.  I cut it down to size.  One end is attached to the deck rails with nailed in hooks.  I use some plastic ties of sorts on the other end that can be detached to open up access to the porch when we’re not out there.  If she was determined, the baby could probably work her way under it, but it acts as a good visual deterrent and I keep the deck chairs in front of it as an extra obstacle.  I can sit out there and read or work on paperwork without worrying about the baby trying to make her escape every five minutes.

All in all it cost about $120–Sand and Water Table:                   $75

12′ by 5 1/2′ Carpet Remnant:     $36

Fencing and a Play Sand:             $  9

Have a nice outdoor area where I can set the baby down to crawl and cruise or play with her big sisters:       Priceless!

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2 Comments on “The Great Outdoors”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Very good work there!

    I got rid of our sand and water table after one season for that very reason. I’m sure Mrs. H, who thought a free sand and water table was a great deal, is tired of hosing down wet sand by now, too!

  2. barboo77 Says:

    I’m thinking that next summer I might fill both sides with just sand or just water to eliminate the problem.

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