Out with the Old

Another one of my myriad projects has been getting rid of as much stuff as possible.  In the past few months I’ve donated three or four boxes of books to the library that have been sitting in closets for five years or more.  I’ve dropped stuff with St. Vincent de Paul at church.  I’ve passed gently used baby items to the Project Gabriel program at church in addition to newer items that my youngest outgrew before she could even wear them.  And lots of stuff has gone out with the trash.  I even got the kids to part with a big bag of toys.

Today, though, was my annual garage cleaning.  I usually do it on a Wednesday because a) my mother-in-law is off every other Wednesday and can help with the kids, and b) our trash pick up is on Thursdays.  I was particularly happy to find that our “garbage” pile was much larger than our “save” pile.  DH parted with several boxes of stuff, and I was able to reorganize what was left to take up less space.  Then I knocked all of the cobwebs off the ceiling and swept up the floor.  We can actually pull our van into the garage without worrying that we’re going to run over something important.  (Just ask DH what happened to his 5 Wood.)

There’s still more I would like to do.  I put together another small stash of stuff to donate today.  I’d like to send more toys out the door, but I’ll have to be sneaky about it.  I’m afraid that DD#1 has inherited my father’s pack-rat tendencies.  When you add in her tendency to be over-dramatic, it makes it really hard to dispose of items from the play room even if she only plays with it once a year.   There’s also more items in the kitchen that could probably go, too.  I have tons of baby stuff, but I’m not ready to part with it just yet….just in case.  But each bag or box that goes out the door feels like a weight has been lifted…feels like freedom.

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