This is how it happened….

You may or may not notice that I have added two new links to my blogroll.  Yes, my 6-year-old and my 3-year-old each have their own blogs.  I know it’s completely crazy given that I have been a bit protective about sharing too much information on them on-line.  Not to mention the fact that small children do not need to have their own blog.  What’s next?  Cell phones, I-Pods, and their own cars?  (Ok, so the 6-year-old has her own I-Pod like thing, but it came as part of an internet game.)

This is how it happened.  Sometimes my oldest daughter Bailey (formerly known as DD#1) gets these delusions of grandeur.  For example, she doesn’t just want to pretend to open an art gallery; she wants to really open an art gallery and have people pay real money for her works of art.  She doesn’t just want to pretend to be a fashion designer; she wants to be recognized as a real fashion designer.  She wants to share her talents with the world and have them acknowledged.  Her father and I get a little concerned that she’s getting unrealistic ideas from watching shows like Hannah Montana, True Jackson, and iCarly.  Then again we like that she has big dreams and big passion, and we don’t want to stifle it.

Sometimes, though, Bailey gets very distraught about the whole thing.  At times it’s because her physical abilities don’t match the visions in her mind.  She wishes that she were older because she thinks that she would be able to do more.  And she wants to be recognized as important beyond her own family.  We’ve tried explaining that most people aren’t really considered important outside their own family.  We just didn’t know how to help her.  So then we thought about setting up a blog where we could scan her fashions into the computer and she could share them with the world.  (It was that or let her tape fifty million sheets of paper to our windows.)

And so, Bailey’s Fashion Studio Blog was born.  Bailey helped pick the layout theme and make up the categories.  She dictated her “about” blurb.  She’s learned a bit about web design, web addresses, and “links” in the process.  We’ve had more talks about internet safety.  Plus, when she dictates her posts we have discussions about writing style, grammar, and word usage in a real-life context.  And it may be a good lesson in patience as I refuse to post fifty-billion pictures every day on it.  Right now she is really excited about the whole thing, and sees it as one more step towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer.  We’ve talked a little bit about other things she will need to learn if this is something she wants to seriously pursue when she’s older.  Of course, I think she also wants to be a pop star and a chef.

Bailey has always been concerned with fashion, though.  From the age of 2 she was picky about her clothes.  She never insisted on wearing the same outfit every day, but there were items that she would absolutely refuse to wear at all.  Whenever it has been time for seasonal clothes shopping, she has insisted on having a say, and we have had the occasional battle over style versus utility.  She has always loved fashion games on the internet and saved up her own money to purchase Imagine Fashion Party for Wii.  And recently when we were in a toy store we came across the Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio, and she and her sister have spent hours using the stencils to design their own outfits.  In fact, most of the designs on their blogs are made using the stencils, although, she still does some free-style designs from time to time, too.  (And this is a total nature thing, because anyone who knows me knows that I am the most unstylish person there is.)

Of course, when Piper (formerly known as DD#2) heard that Bailey was getting a fashion blog, she wanted one, too.  So, I set up Piper Blog . Com for her, too.  It’s easy and free after all.  Although, I set hers up as more of a general blog where we can scan any picture she wants whether it’s fashion or butterflies or whatever else.  She isn’t quite as obsessed with fashion and clothes as her big sister is.  I figured that it’s a good way to share some of her artwork with friends and family far away.  And the layout theme on hers is totally Piper; she is all about flowers and hearts and butterflies these days.

They both squealed with delight when they received their first comments,but Bailey is unsurprisingly more wound up over the whole thing.  Piper in her usual low-key way just wanted to post her picture this morning and then move on to other things.  We’ll see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off, but isn’t that the thing with any new blog?  For now, we’ll let them enjoy the adventure.  Thankfully, Katie (formerly known as DD#3) is too young to even know what a blog is; just give it a few years. 😉

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